Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

This week, the baby is the size of a lemon (which this post’s title is dedicated to) and we’re growing to an apple over these next several days. Fascinating!

AND … we found out what we are having! It’s a baby that already gave us an indication of a strong will. That’s what we’re having.

What?! You thought I was going to say the gender? Oh, I love teasing things out in case you didn’t already know that.

I’m bad. Sorry I’m not sorry! 😉

So, we went to check in on the wee one this week, just one day shy of starting the second trimester. The doctor began the checkup by using the doppler to hear the heartbeat through my belly. Well … not so much my belly. Lower. Much lower. (The things I’m learning!) That didn’t produce any sounds, so she went for a lower tummy ultrasound. This time, we saw the baby, but again waited to see the heartbeat flickering, movement, or something. Bebé wasn’t into cooperating. After a few minutes, the doctor said she’d need to get a ‘closer’ look, so we had to rely on internal measures. About the time the doctor said that, baby decided to move around for us. Baby was just teasing the whole time! (Like mother, like baby.)

Once we were ‘up close and personal’, about 10 minutes after the first attempt to hear the heartbeat, we did see flickering and hear the beating of one precious little heart. Also, I’m sure my doctor and I both agree that the routine skills of an ultrasound tech are so appreciated. I have chosen a small OB practice and the tech was out on vacation, so the doctor was fumbling her way through brushing up on her sonography skills that morning with us. I’m 100% confident in her delivery skills though!

The only feedback we got that would indicate some type of medical intervention to come later, not even a concern since it’s been discovered and totally treatable, is that I’m RH-negative. Basically, my blood is missing something that the baby’s probably has. When those two bloods mingle, it can lead to a rejection reaction, causing a host of complications–which for the first baby is usually not an issue. It’s just the risk of not treating the ‘mixup’ that could lead to future sensitization and cause problems. I’ve read two small articles on this, so I do NOT know the ins and outs, but we’re not worried. It’s no biggie, because once you know the diagnosis, it’s easily treatable with injections. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

2nd Trimester



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