About Julie



Hello, I’m Julie, and welcome to ohthejules, my personal blog. I’m a mid-30’s gal located in North Georgia but an Eastern Kentucky native. I am inspired by all things DIY, from decor/design, recipe development, home improvements to kitchen shortcuts and home organization. I find online video tutorials fascinating and have learned to decorate and sell cakes, crochet, pressure cook, and create holiday-themed crafts all by getting lost on YouTube! I connect with my Creator most in nature, but I certainly prefer the coolness of spring and fall, love the copious sunshine of summer, and get skin-crawling sick of winter’s drab, windy days. That makes me normal, right?

I am married to a man who still makes my toes curl and whom I believe has the most incredible amount of super useful know-how. He’s my MacGyver. A short-cut loving, get-it-done quick, waste no time trouble-shooter. Bless him. Can you see how that is both a blessing and a rub in a marriage to someone who analyzes, researches, thinks-instructions-are-supposed-to-be-read, thorough job-loving female? Mmhmm.

We are also parents to our daughter ‘Cakes.’ Our family grew through (private) domestic infant adoption and we couldn’t possibly be more honored and delighted with the journey and ministry this divine path gave us. Our sweet girl is rising into kindergarten soon and we are so excited for the unique joy and light she will bring to her friends, classmates, and teachers. This little lass who twirls, dances, sings, builds lego sets, draws, swims, and scooters down the street is pure energy, giggles, and ALL girl!

A Day In My Life!

Coffee, sunshine on the deck, identifying the birds visiting our backyard feeders, reading a devotional or Proverbs and scripture, and quiet prayer and reflection is my idea of a great start to a day (and perfect for ignoring the mounds of un-filed preschool artwork, sticky dishes from the night before, and clutter on the bathroom sinks). I keep a rolling mental note of things to read up on and spend entirely way too much time digging into certain subjects (and then maybe obsessing about them just a little). I like learning about nutrition, wellness, using essential oils, cooking methods, home education (not the same as literal homeschooling … although I think that is fabulous!), crafts, camping, and planning family travel. All of that bliss gets interrupted by the best things in life, like our aging Yorkie leaving pee-pee somewhere, a hungry morning tummy to feed, questions for mommy, laundry, dishes, paying bills, organizing social events, planning and communicating our small group studies, and playing hide-and-seek … and, I LOVE IT! I admit that I like wrapping up my post-bedtime routine evenings with TV watching: zombies, Food Network, PBS series, Survivor … I like it all. When I do a home workout, I’m a fan of T-Tapp, but that doesn’t happen nearly as much as it should. Guilty!


Give me your thoughts!

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