We Asked That He Would Show His Glory, Part Two

I hope you read part one!

Over a month ago when we started seeking direction for growing our family once more through adoption, we asked that God would do one thing, again: show His glory.

Remember how dynamic and fast-changing the events went from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day in 2008? Was it TOO wild to think it could or would happen again? Indeed, it was not too wild to imagine. In fact, His work started weeks before we even took steps towards asking for His will to be shown.

“Is anything too hard for the LORD? …” Genesis 18:14

“Oh, LORD God, you made the skies and the earth with your very great power. There is nothing too hard for you to do.” Jeremiah 32:17

“And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Matthew 21:22

Let me just stop right here and say in full transparency that I’ve not had the incredible faith that the above scriptures gently convict me to have. I’ve not been bold in asking for what seemed like the impossible to be made possible. Over the years, I admit to growing weary. I had an unwilling spirit to believe that certain desires would ever be fulfilled. I had sadly set my eyes on only the seen, not being mindful that there was unseen works ahead. During this time, countless family and friends stood in the gap believing for us. Praying for us. Interceding for us. Meanwhile, I’ve done that for others in different or similar circumstances while simultaneously giving half-hearted attention to something God was using to grow me.

From my last post, part one …

Many things seemed impossible in our own abilities…”

“Lord, showcase Your abilities. Show others [through our story] that You can be trusted.”

“Use us as tools to make Your Glory known.”

We asked that God would do one thing: show His glory.


And, He did. Faithfully and miraculously, He did.


Kent Baby Announcement


Photos by Maggie Lian; Edited by Julie


2 thoughts on “We Asked That He Would Show His Glory, Part Two

  1. Heather Buchanan says:

    Julie this is so incredible! God is so faithful and can do anything, even if our faith is only as big as a mustard seed!! Thanks for giving God the glory and shining so that others can see him. I hope its not TMI to ask, but I don’t know a lot of the “back history” as far as you not being able to get pregnant? And were you guys “trying” now? I know that is personal, but I think that part of the story would show even more glory to God in saying, ONLY GOD could do this!! You can send me a private message if you want to share. If not that is fine, I am just so overwhelmed with joy for your family!

    • Julie says:

      I don’t mind sharing! I am an open book! In fact, I planned on possibly writing more about our journey for those that don’t know our back story, because I do it believe it gives our Lord that much more glory and honor!

      We were married in 2000 and with the exception of maybe the first 9 months of marriage, we have never used any family planning method that would stop a pregnancy. I knew in my teen years that I had issues with my gynecological health. It wasn’t until my early 20’s, soon after marriage, that I was diagnosed with PCOS and the possibility of endometriosis. I was treated with birth control for the PCOS, but my body did horribly on the pill. Plus, I didn’t think it made a lot of sense to use BC pills when I could hinder the very thing we wanted. (Although knowing that if it were the Lord’s will, not even a BC pill would exactly stop His power at work to create life within!)

      My weight and insulin resistance became a detrimental issue. Along with the complications of PCOS, cycle irregularity, and weight gain, came mild depression and certainly stress. None of those things works in your favor when you’re trying to “relax” and conceive. It was a vicious cycle that also brought on painful hemorrhagic cycsts that threatened ovary and tubal removal many times. One of the drugs they used to treat me 9 years ago, Lupron, caused years of hormone damage and severe side effects. It shrunk the masses on my ovary, but it left me in menopause at 26-years-old and the next 3 years were memory loss, suffering libido, hot flashes, discomfort, etc.

      A few years after our daughter was born, via adoption, we attempted fertility treatments with a reproductive endocrinologist, an RE. We went as far as several tests and some bloodwork that gave us “unexplained infertility.” The next stops after biology history and health was anatomy. We did discover through one test that I had a blocked fallopian tube and some uterine lesions. I then had surgery scheduled to attempt opening that tube and removing the lesions. However, during surgery, the fallopian tube performed perfectly for the surgeon (filled and spilled with dye) and the adhesions that were seen on the earlier test were not even there!

      But that again left us with no answers — unexplained infertility. My hormones checked out perfectly. My anatomy checked out perfectly. My husband’s tests for sperm viability were, um … SPECTACULAR! 😉 My ovaries did not respond to clomiphene, which induces a strong ovulation cycle. Neither the lowest dosage or the highest dosage stimulated any response. I was clomid resistant. The RE then suggested that we bypass IUI as a method for getting pregnant and recommended IVF. A very expensive but potentially rewarding process (with great financial, hormonal, and health risk).

      We didn’t feel called or released to move forward in that direction. We were already parents and while pregnancy was desired, we knew the truth that biological or adopted children made absolutely NO difference to us. We were sad to have no answers, but happy to know we could undoubtedly grow our family and be a blessing to a birth family through adoption. (We don’t see adoption as a second option … never have … it simply is God’s first BEST for us!!!)

      So, another 3.5-years have passed since learning that without great intervention, there were no answers for our infertility and little we could do about it. We were never once told it was impossible, just not probable.

      I did make many changes to my nutrition, not with the aim of pregnancy/fertility in mind, but with the goal of continuing to heal the problematic hormone issues with PCOS and insulin resistance. In a short time, I eliminated grains, sugar, and cut back on dairy. Within a month, my cycle came on and then became more regular although not within the typical 28-35 days. I lost weight and my life improved drastically. My weight has since fluctuated, but I also began developing more lean muscle mass and began shifting my body physiology one percentage of fat at a time. Again — my weight (pounds) hardly budged, but inches, well, they fell off! Then I suffered an exercise injury and had a setback and low physical activity, but still kept up with the nutrition, which I believe is 80% crucial and exercise 20%. (Just my opinion! But, food heals!)

      While I saw improvements in my cycle regularity and hormones, I never dreamed that within two years it might contribute to fertility and pregnancy. I believe I had ZERO to do with this and this was all God’s perfect timing and will. Perhaps the changes I made did make it more conducive, but this was purely ALL the healing power of Jesus!

      I hope this encourages you and others, whether you know someone who struggles with PCOS or infertility, just to hear the back history and know the miracles that are unseen but definitely in store!

      Take care, Heather!


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