We Asked That He Would Show His Glory, Part One

In 2008, when we held each other’s hands in fervent prayer seeking direction for growing our family, we asked that God would do one thing: show His glory.

Many things seemed impossible in our own abilities with the adoption path He had made clear for us to follow: adoption finances, home study paperwork, decisions on degree of openness in adoption, etc. It would have to be HIM!

Remove us, Lord, and showcase Your abilities. Show others, through this decision we are obediently following, that You can be trusted. Use us as tools to make Your Glory known.

And, He did. Faithfully and miraculously, He did.

On Mother’s Day weekend of 2008, we put our ‘yes’ on paper and began the journey. Approaching Father’s Day weekend, one month later, plunged deeply in paperwork, getting fingerprinted, scheduling physicals, income tax and salary history, bank statements, 9-1-1 history, referral letters, and consultations, we were on track for a typical but yet thrilling domestic infant adoption.

But then. More like, but God!

Through private connections, not through an agency/attorney/consultant, we were asked to meet with an expectant mother who was lovingly choosing adoption for her soon-to-be-born baby. We felt that door had been opened wide by our LORD. So we met, had fellowship, broke bread, exchanged contact information, and came home, drained of ourselves in a great way. Within 30 minutes, we were weeping joyously over a phone call from the mother, asking us to be her baby’s parents.

From saying YES to the call of adoption to saying YES! to the call of becoming parents, God had quickly advanced our dream in ways only He could orchestrate. Eight weeks later, our daughter was born and upon being discharged from the hospital, she came home with us and has thrived, blossomed, and brought immense joy to our family. (So has her birth family!)

Then this past Mother’s Day, now six years later …

My husband asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day. My response probably left him clueless. “Nothing you can buy in a store, that’s for sure.”

We had both been feeling the regret of not growing our family through adoption sooner than now. Our daughter is getting close to turning 6-yrs-old. We want siblings for her, she wants them, and we knew we needed to step out on huge faith again.

Our conversation circled back around to how dynamic and fast-changing the events went from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day in 2008. We agreed to make some important calls the next day, and so we did. We contacted our attorney and a home study agency. We explained how we would like to attempt a private placement again and they thought our objective and outlook was spot on. We doodled in notebooks with fundraising ideas and I scoured articles about blog auctions and found crochet patterns that I could make and sell for adoption funds.

And just like in 2008, we set our minds to His abilities — to His wondrous works! Now, as a family of 3, we prayed a familiar and bold prayer.

We asked that God would do one thing: show His glory.

P.S. Eric did give me a few things for Mother’s Day. He’s sweet and ornery like that! The best thing, by far, was what he wrote to me in a card.

“Jules, I love seeing you love V. Your heart is so huge and filled with love towards her. I can’t wait ’til we add more to the team. I love you so much. You are such an awesome mom.”


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