Not My Home

I just read where someone wrote, “this world is not our home.” I’m thankful for the reminder that my sorrow need not endure, my sickness has an end, and the debt I owe but could never pay has been wiped clean. To make that true, I have to know that this world indeed is not my home, but a new world awaits me and awaits us all. A kingdom of feasts, celebration, endless praise to our God void of shame, suffering, and sin. My soul whispers, come soon, Lord!

Today, back home, a man that first demonstrated uninhibited praise and worship (in my eyes) as a small child in my home church is being celebrated at his home-going services. It was as if the first time I ever remember someone’s hand being raised in worship during a Baptist church service, Howell Anderson was doing so, just reaching up to hold his Father’s hands for a moment to say, I need you Dad and I love you.

Just this morning, a mom and wife from our church family, Katie, left behind her body that had become so weakened and sick. Just two days ago, she mustered every bit of strength to make it to church and see her daughter be baptized. I can imagine her soul wrestling the cancer, wiggling free of the pain, bounding and leaping right out of the frame it was held in. Because of Christ Jesus, she wasn’t shackled to that death, but was alive in Him who defeated death.

At some point in their living, Howell and Katie each had heard of Jesus. In their getting to know Jesus, they saw a cross. When they knew that cross was meant for them, they accepted that Jesus already went there, died a shameful death of agony and suffering, and in His death, he released them of their sinful shackles and raised Himself alive to destroy death’s curse. Their eyes had seen the cross and had looked beyond to a home.

They lived in bodies that became poor vessels for their heaven awaiting souls. They touched lives in true Jesus fashion; making much of their Father and tending to the lost and loving intensely. They turned hearts heavenward and caused others to gaze upon Jesus.

My heart is celebrating Heaven; as more people I love journey to where ALL is Holy, my soul longs to join the party.

My soul whispers, come soon, Lord!


2 thoughts on “Not My Home

  1. Ralph Arvin says:


    The first time I read this I must have been in a hurry, because I missed some very beautiful jewels (jules). Having re-read it now, and weighing each phrase, I can only say “Amen” and “Praise Jesus!”

    And, I agree. What a gift you have!

    Love you,


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