Li’l Funny Bones

Dying to share a funny kid-to-parent moment…

So, one of our tactics to get through the potty training chaos is to set our daughter on the potty and have fun counting and distracting her from the monotonous routine of answering nature’s call.

Yesterday, RockStarHusbandBabyDaddy took her to the potty while we were enjoying some Dutch Monkey Doughnuts and the counting fun atop the porcelain potty commenced. Eric, adding to the diversion and keeping the interest alive, then asks her if she can count backwards.

So, our li’l funny bones obliges and twists her upper body around, faces the wall the potty is attached to, and says “One…two…three…” I guess the answer to my husband’s question is: Yes! Yes, she can count backwards!

Kids! They keep you smiling. And sometimes a little delirious. But a delirious smile is STILL a smile, right?


3 thoughts on “Li’l Funny Bones

  1. Vivi is a RIOT!!!! Too sweet for words that precious one.

    I am jealous you were munching on some Dutch Monkey though… I’ve yet to get there.

    Much love,

  2. Karin says:

    So cute and funny! So glad you shared, it made me burst out laughing. Miss you all and Dutch Monkey Doughnuts for that matter 😉

  3. Hi Julie!
    My name is Beth and I am Catherine Taylor’s friend who is adopting a baby boy! My sister gave me your info so I thought I get connected! We would love to get together with y’all and talk. Our adoptions are so different than most people’s. My email is Hope you have a great Saturday!

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