Why Would Anyone Want to Adopt?

My husband and I just tucked into bed a miracle and a dream fulfilled.

This day is more than a birthday for a sweet little girl. It marks a journey of a triad of love and sacrifice, hope and healing, love and joy, pain and progress.

Adoption is a concept born from our Creator. We embrace our neighbors, our friends, our communities, those that have and those that have not; our need for one another makes it possible, our differences make it worthwhile.

We adopt others and are adopted ourselves. Don’t prevent this essential principle from having an intentional role in your life.

Does this mean you actually choose to adopt a child regardless of your limitations or your natural abilities? Maybe. I sort of hope so!

Whether it’s a domestic or international child, a reclusive neighbor, a lonely widower, or a hard working single mom–just be open to championing their needs. If you have to search for a reason, you’re probably over-thinking it. Be willing to foster and move them forward before you move yourself. And, at a great cost.

Beware. Adoption is radically transforming. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Why would anyone want to adopt? I have my reasons …


Give me your thoughts!

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