Smart Cars. Smart Kids.

Just a quick funny about our drive home yesterday from a grocery stock-up trip. But first, some detail to build up the story …

At the end of May, we took the plunge towards a bigger people mover, a.k.a. a mini van, or as my neighbor phrased her family’s transition, “we now have a living room on wheels.” We loved our sleek Accord sedan and it would have been great to still have that car when our children were driving age, but it made no sense to have three vehicles.

Anyway, we stayed in the Honda family and purchased an Odyssey. It suits us–yes, our little family of only three–perfectly! Admittedly, I gaze in that built-in kid-watching conversation mirror and just dream of having a few more kids in tow. As well, the four half-day road trips we’ve already taken have been much more enjoyable and one major step in toddler raising has become so convenient whilst traveling: potty training.

Our almost two-year-old has a potty from Ikea (this is cheap and awesome and a gift from my sister-in-law) that goes where we go in the van. With just the mention of “potty, momma!”, we can whip our car into a safely parked position, unbuckle, unsnap and untuck, and plop down with hardly a panicked heartbeat and room to grab clean-up necessities and tinker with toys, that no doubt help this potty business go down smoothly when away from home and working plumbing. And, since we’re on the topic, let me tell you what my sister-in-law has taught me: keep a reusable shopping bag with a package of toddler bum wipes, a canister of sanitizing wipes, 4 or 5 plastic grocery bags (one for trash and the others to line the potty for poops or to seal around the potty if it wasn’t lined), and a roll of paper towels for wiping up any piddles or drying off a sanitized potty. Um, hello? Genius!

So, with the big push to ban distracted driving, I decided yesterday that I’d play a CD all by utilizing the talk command features of this new gadget-loaded hauler. Meaning, I can depress a button on my steering wheel, wait for a beep and audibly say, “Audio On. Play CD #5, play random tracks.” Voila! Michael Buble’s It’s Time album would then start playing it’s tracks in random order. Serious fun!

From the seat behind me, I hear my daughter doing her usual rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and, our favorite, Scooping Up the Baby Bumble Bee which is riddled with about a hundred extra syllables of words we can’t quite make out. Cute, huh?

What’s that I heard?



“Potty on.”

“Mommy’s car potty on.”


Now, instead of pulling over for the “get their pants down to pooh fast” rush, I was thinking of pulling over to let the wash of hilarity and laughter subside. I seriously love this stage of parenting a toddler. Their words. Their thoughts made audible. Our conversations. It’s pure medicine I tell ya!

We were so close to home that instead of asking, “Sweetie, do you need to go potty?”, I instead called my husband at work to share in the fresh from the laugh factory story. It was much too priceless a moment in our parenting journey to not share with all of you.

Our smart cars and at-your-fingertip luxuries can be so intriguing. However, when you stop and think what your kids must think when they hear you talking to your car or walking through the house dusting furniture with a bluetooth earpiece in, and of course they have no personal experience of what it means to speak their commands to technology and have it perform … yet, you kind of get the feeling that most of what they hear us say and do must seem so silly.

Silly, but obviously worthy of repeating and having a go at it themselves!


2 thoughts on “Smart Cars. Smart Kids.

  1. jessica says:

    :):) i love you and your potty story!! now to tell the pooped between sister-n-laws legs on the side of cows and cotton!! oh the mini-van, kent vacations:) love you sis

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