How Do *You* Love Yourself?

I have been blessing my home at Mach 1 speed this morning, which is my way of loving ME. Our house was awaken very early to a vocal toddler’s voice heard over the monitor saying there was a nose that needed blowin’. I was sleeping soooo good. Soooo good! Within minutes there were trips to the potty and giggles over mommy’s clumsy knees and feet hitting things in the thin morning light. There was no bedding this bull back down, so an hour after my feet thumped the floor, I’m drinking my french press and “jumping in where I am” to this dusty old blog completely guilt-free. (Which, I’ve been using some spare time to overhaul the look and give it a temporary to possibly permanent name: ohthejules. Whatcha think?! I know, it was TIME!)

Meanwhile, the husband and toddler are watching cartoons. Seems perfect to me!

Two months ago I would have made it down the stairs, groaned as I looked at a sink scattered with some of last night’s dishes, kitchen counters held down by appliances and unopened mail, rolled my eyes over the unfolded laundry as it lay creasing and wrinkling in a basket, and moaned at the mere thought of not one, but three bathrooms that needed my attention. I would spend more time concocting a convincing argument for both my husband and myself as to why hiring a cleaning service was imperative and less time actually doing the things the coveted cleaning service would do. I was busy being mom, right? Scared that time away from my daughter in any form would translate as “sorry, mommy is too busy to help dress the doll.”

Lately, however, I’ve developed a morning and evening routine and stick to a recommended zone cleaning schedule. I don’t spend enormous amounts of time on any of it, I just jump in and do it and try to never feel like I’m behind. That’s what FLYlady says to do! (More on that discovery tomorrow.)

This morning, in the first 45 minutes, I loved myself and blessed this home by: making all the beds, taking the dirty laundry down stairs, started a load of laundry, folded another load, emptied the dishwasher, gathered my bills and receipts for a financial check-up, fed my kiddo breakfast, put all the downstairs shoes in one place, cleaned all the toilets, returned the downstairs fort-building blankets back upstairs and put all the pillows and sheets back where they belong, and dressed myself for the day! Not only do I feel good about my work so far, but it sets me up for a day of continually loving myself and blessing my home while enjoying guilt-free time with my daughter, neighborhood mommies and their kids, and a shopping trip with errands … at a peaceful pace!

What do you do daily that helps you love yourself like this? Are you struggling and need to find balance, too?


One thought on “How Do *You* Love Yourself?

  1. Melissa Waldrop says:

    jules, you are a beautiful lady. thank you…i needed this and i look forward to more posts (i miss them).

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