We Gotcha…Chicken Fingerz!

Yesterday marked our first year anniversary of V’s “Gotcha” day, which is the day her adoption was finalized and she was legally given the name we chose for her. A little trivia here, but did you know the meaning of her first and middle name is “alive” (fitting!) and “my God is an oath and abundant”? It was a year ago yesterday that I published this post and video. I still get so misty-eyed watching it. That, I’m sure, will ALWAYS be the case.

While we didn’t have much in the way of plans for celebrating yesterday’s significance, we did have it in mind to be together and do something. I was thinking a dinner at Provino’s would have been fitting since that’s where all this wondrousness started, but we had reached our threshold for Italian food over the weekend with our spaghetti and meatballs, so that plan didn’t materialize.

As well, since word gets around fast, I was asked to do a last minute’s notice cake for a surprise 30th birthday on Tuesday, so I knew that all of Monday night and Tuesday morning would be hours in the kitchen baking, mixing, prepping, assembling, and decorating. I thought it would be a good idea to hire a sitter for Vivian while I did the cake and then ran some errands, but after two attempts, the sitter thing wasn’t happening either. I started yesterday off with prayer that I would balance the attention this cake deserved along with the attention my 16-month-old deserved and not have a frazzled day. God was so good in answering that prayer! The cake designing went smoothly and V was an absolute angel! She played with her toys and did her walking around and singing routine, popping in the kitchen every now and then to get a quick snuggle.

By the time Eric came home, I had literally just finished cleaning up the kitchen, but my hair was still in a ball cap, I had a flour and sugar dusted t-shirt on, summer shorts, and my swelling feet were stuffed in summer flip-flops. A dress-up dinner was NOT going to happen! After the cake was picked up, we loaded up the trunk and backseat of the car with gifts to take to the YMCA. (My 6th grade small group girls had done a fabulous job of collecting gifts to support a 5-year-old girl for Christmas! So many gifts, we had to split them up and now could sponsor a second child!) I proposed that since Eric has been working such long hours at work and at home that he should get the choice of where we would eat. Since my appearance hadn’t changed that much after a quick change of clothes and switching to a better hat, I advised that it at least needed to be a casual restaurant. I even mentioned his favorite BBQ place, but to prove just how tired both of us really were, he decided against Jim N Nick’s! Shocker!

So, here we are, rounding the curb into a nearby Zaxby’s, determined to get a good dinner, served quickly, and bedtimes still on schedule. We all three shared Chicken Fingerz, Texas Toast, and crinkle cut french fries. Vivian drew attention as fellow patrons watched her daintily dunk her toast, chicken, and fries into her mound of ketchup, then re-dunk the same piece a few more times, each time licking only the ketchup off. It was a happy and understated celebration on the outside, but in our hearts we were overflowing with thanksgiving, gratitude, humbling thoughts, and adoration. If Zaxby’s Chicken Fingerz is how we celebrate each December 15 from here on out, it will be perfection in my book!


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