Just had to take a quick second to say how full I feel. Today was one of those days that wasn’t planned, but everything about it went off perfectly. Literally, we did nothing in particular, yet we found some sweet hidden treasure moments throughout the day that added up to a fabulous day.

To start things off, we had Eric’s parents, Tony & Donna, or if your Vivi, Papa & Nonna, come up to spend the night last night and they brought cousin Levi, too! We had a great meal last night and while Eric and I cleaned up, Donna took charge and got the kids their baths, PJs, and stories read. After the kids were put to bed, us adults just hung out and watched TV and had good conversation.

Did I mention Tony and Donna are moving to Thomasville in a few weeks? Yes, they’ve been called to pastor a new church. We’re going to miss their nearness crazily!

This morning, Levi aroused the house in his true 2-year-old fashion. Lots of talking and toy tinkering. Awesome! The cousins sat and had their bowls of oatmeal, or “mo-meal” as Levi says, together. Much playtime ensued afterwards and it was just very cool to see these two sweeties playing together. Meanwhile, I was getting my kitchen groove on by slicing fresh apples and making my homemade quick biscuits for fried apples and biscuits. It was simply yum! Threw some scrambled eggs on the plate, and we had an easy breakfast sitting around our kitchen table. I love having other adults to drink coffee with!

Then in somewhat this order, Viv’s nap, our family guests depart, the normal go-round for lunch and more playtime, some picture hanging, lots of rain, then more rain, some slobbery kisses from our toddling princess, dusting and vacuuming, lots of pointing at things (her favorite!), another nap, hide-and-seek downstairs, starting to take on the mountain of laundry, snacks, dinner, a repulsively dirty diaper, a fun mommy and Vivi bath time with lots of splashing, Eric helping friends move, PJs, stories, prayers, kisses, then lights out.

I’m recalling the times today we asked Vivian, “what does doggy say?”  She purses her lips and says, “Wooh-wooh-wooh.”

“How do you say please?”

She swipes her chubby hands across her chest signing “please.”

“Okay, here’s your lunch, what do we do now?”

She folds her hands together and waits for me to say our prayer.

Her favorite toy ball gets chased, held, kicked, and hugged on for most of the afternoon, all while she masters her walking skills saying repetitiously, “bahw, bahw, bahw, bahw.”

I just don’t want to forget how rich these simple, rainy Saturday, non-planned family days can really be.


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