Oh, the Dotted Lines!

Vivian is an enthusiastic walker and I love it! She is EVERYWHERE! I keep thinking that we’re at the point that her naps will get merged because she’s just too busy. Alas, the dear old morning and afternoon naps are still needed because we need some REST after all that toddling!

I think it would be funny if all of Vivi’s steps and walking routes were mapped out like the Family Circus kids and all their dash marks. It would consist of places like squeezed beside the toilet, underneath the piano bench, in and out of the potato box, under the dining room table, up and down the stairs, on and off the deck, hovering over the dog bowls, figure eights around the ottoman and sofa, at each kitchen cabinet (stopping long enough to pull out all the contents, then on to the next one), under my legs, over my legs, jumping on my head…

Where are the strangest places your toddler has toddled?

Family Circus - Billy Path-1.JPG

Give me your thoughts!

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