Miracles, News Reporters, Writing Letters & Reinforced Faith

I hardly watch the news. It’s not worth my time. What gets repeat play these days is junk; swung so hard to the extreme right or left that it’s garbage for those who appreciate honest reporting. If I do tune-in or check out local news online, it usually ends in me wanting to fire off a letter to the reporter and station and give them down the road for their obvious bias and poor journalism tactics. It’s hard to find “fair and balanced” coverage. Far from the spotlights and front pages are stories of hope and goodness — the things that make citizens of this country, and all of humanity for that matter, thrive and yearn for more inspiration.

But then there are news reports like what WLEX and WKYT brought this week that do just what their viewers need. Broadcasted from the streets and communities nearby where I grew up was a story with so much heart, so much faith, and so much goodness that I finally decided that writing a letter to the respective reporters of each piece is not only worth my time, it’s a privilege!

It is also of a personal matter that I write as well. You see, the news coverage of the miraculous birth of a tiny baby girl is the newborn daughter of a friend I spent most all my adolescent years knowing — from elementary to high school. He and his wife were diagnosed with an extremely rare pregnancy and advised to terminate. They concluded that they would not be terminating and would be putting all their trust and faith in God to see them through. If you’ve watched the links from above, you know where it went from there! Forecasted hardship and death, a pregnancy shortened all too quickly against the background of unknown circumstances, and then the reality of a tiny baby, born only to live moments before certain death was determined, then laid in her father’s arms.

Oh, … oh, but God! But God determined certain LIFE for her nearly three hours after doctors pronounced death over this child. Faint squeals and stirring became reality, life and crying bellowed forth! A stunned doctor witnessed a baby with obvious signs of life from this babe cradled in the warmth of her father’s arms, probably began checking vital signs, hearing heartbeats, gazing at respirations, and hearing gentle cries. She, indeed, was alive! Her trip to Heaven made brief, her stay on Earth made more permanent!

I hope you’ll continue with me in praying for Baby Campbell and for her parents, Nelson and Abby!


Dear Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Pflum and Respective News Stations,

I want to commend yours, WLEX’s, and WKYT’s coverage of Baby Campbell that was aired yesterday and is now available on your station’s website. I grew up with Nelson from elementary school and on, graduating in ’97 together. I think you did a wonderful job allowing his true heart for his daughter’s story to come through. He is a humble man, a servant to this country, and now leading his family through a difficult, yet joyous time.

As reporters, you certainly must have felt privileged to cover this miraculous happening! At least, I hope you did! I can’t thank you enough for allowing others to hear of this journey and partner with them in support, thoughts, and most importantly prayer! Though the road ahead for Baby Campbell is uncharted and long, her story still has to be better media than what the political propaganda, scandalous affairs, over-hyped sports news (yes, even for KY), and the sagging economy has to offer.

There is a search for goodness, truth, and light in this world and most media outlets are all but driven away from reporting anything of the sorts. Alas, it exists and there is a bright hope for our world and I believe Campbell is a messenger of this light! When pure stories such as Campbell’s are sped through the hearts of humanity, this light at least has a chance to be revealed. Thank you for assisting her and her family in their instrumental task of being vehicles of hope!

Whether you were just doing your job or you had personal interest in this assignment, I have to say “job well done!” Please let everyone who helped with this story know that as well! Your producers, camera operators, anchors, news coordinators — everyone! It’s quite evident by the number of plays and comments these pieces have received, especially in comparison to breaking news stories in your area, that this tiny baby’s survival and beginning hours in life holds a powerful presence and curiosity to the hearts and minds of your viewers. To those that love the Anglin family and are being introduced to Baby Campbell, it doesn’t matter at all who first brought the story or who was last, it just matters that it was done to start with! It would be great to have follow-up coverage, too!

May you personally reap the benefits and blessings, in mind and spirit, for advancing this Miracle Child’s story!




One thought on “Miracles, News Reporters, Writing Letters & Reinforced Faith

  1. Every so often the media surprises me too!! Instead of wallowing on the garbage of our society, they report on a true gem.
    Baby Campbell’s story is, indeed, a gem of a story. A story of a family putting their faith in God and of a God at his finest moment!

    Thank you for sharing this story!

    Many blessings,

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