My “Best” List

I hope my niece doesn’t someday regret her allowing me to publish this short story on my blog. She should be so proud, I know I am!

Last year, when “N” started the 4th grade, she had a writing assignment and was asked to list some of her “best” moments in life. Here is the result of her completed task, with my additions in brackets and italics [ ].

Natbug, I love you SO much! You’re more than a niece to me, you’re a jewel in my treasure box! -Aunt Juju


My “Best” List

1. One of the good times that I’ve had before was when I learned how to ride on 2 wheels.

2. My aunt Julie (my dad’s sister) adopted a baby before it was born [meaning we were selected to be parents before our child’s birth], and on August 10th (I think) it was her birthday. Her name was Vivian. (We call her Vivi.)

[These were the two events she considered her “best” life moments. Natalie chose to expand upon and complete her writing assignment on Vivian’s birth, adoption, and entry into our family. For a 9 year-old, I think that’s quite remarkable, because as far as I can remember, learning to bicycle on two wheels is HUGE!]


I have a brand new, B-E-A-UTIFUL 1st cousin! Her name is Vivian Elizabeth Kent. Vivian had been adopted before she was even born. [Again, meaning we were selected by her birthmother to be her parents before our child’s birth.] Her birthday was August the 10th (I think), 2008. She was born at the Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. [She was born at the Northside Hospital in Forsyth County. The hospital had just opened a new building, a Women’s Center, only days before Vivian’s birth. We literally got to “break in” the hospital. Vivian was the ninth baby born, the second girl, and the first adoption!] We call her Vivi for short. The birthmother, Micayla, asked Julie and Eric, (my aunt and uncle, of course), to be her child’s mother and father when she was at least 7 months. [That statement means that Vivian’s birthmother was approximately 7 months pregnant at the time we were chosen to be her baby’s parents.] Julie and my Nana (my Aunt Julie’s mother) were crying tears of wonderful JOY! Aunt Julie and Uncle Eric always wanted a child. Vivi weighs only 6 pounds, 1 pound less than what I weighed. She has like a whole head full of black, oily hair! She’s one of the most smallest babies I’ve ever seen!!! Finally I have a 1st cousin! I HE♥RT my new, sweeter’n a lollipop, brand new very 1st cousin!! Very, very, very much!!!

Now, I ask you … have you ever read something with so much enthusiasm and pure, genuine love? I am one very blessed aunt, true?

Two Sweeter'n Lollipop Girls!

Two Sweeter'n Lollipop Girls!


3 thoughts on “My “Best” List

  1. Memaw & Papaw says:

    Julie,we have been going over your writings again and have been blessed again.You have a way with words that is beyond imagining for us.We thank the Lord that He saw fit to place you in our family.We love you much,and by the way we kinda like Eric and Vivi,too.
    The Lord knew that you and Eric would be the perfect parents for a perfect little girl.We can see in your smiles and Vivi’s smiles the perfect bond.One day Vivi will be able to read all this and will understand then just what our Lord did in putting you together.We love you lots………..

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