A Work So Fine

A Work So Fine

I can’t claim any biological contribution to how irresistible your chubby thumbs and delicate, sweet ears are. Had I drawn them myself, I wouldn’t have done you justice.

Your heart didn’t beat ‘neath mine, but I remember hearing it for the first time. Then, my heart beat in a rhythm chasing alongside yours. Drumming and swooshing. Exhilarating!

It wasn’t my body we shared as a dwelling for both our souls, but it is now my arms that merrily outstretch to sweep you out of your bed and bounce and sway you on my hips.

The blend of blues and browns in your eyes, and Oh!, their frames of thick, wispy lashes! No, not a mirror to mine, but I see myself reflecting in them and that’s where we dance.

Your voice and it’s melody as it pitches about in giggles, cries, and busy chatter is Heaven’s tune; it falls on our ears as a song divine.

That radiant smile stretched across your face–could it be any wider?–with the seven itty-bitty teeth peaking out gets us every time. It is like a grand parade of marching bands, fireworks, and sirens all in our honor.

Your fascination with a book is quite a delight for me, too. It’s those moments where we can dream and imagine, even if it is just a book of alphabet animals or old nursery rhymes. We do it together!

A constant explorer! The room, the floor, the faces, the places … where will we find you next? Tickling piano keys, unfolding clean laundry, thumping the window sill, or roaming at our feet?

What is certain about the you I’m learning is quite remarkable to say the least! While many a tender heart has been moved to love you greatly, there’s no greater love for you than that of God’s above.

It was you he chose, knitted, and formed with all your features so subtle! Such significant purpose and a need for you to be you … a praise-offering child of His design.

Determined when time began, born of loving sacrifice, and welcomed in our earnest prayer, you, Daughter, are a work so fine.

A Written Work by Julie Kent

Dedicated to our daughter, Vivian. We praise God for the masterful work he has planned for you!

Friends! I’ve been working on this piece for quite some time. It just took a new direction recently and I’m so glad to finally have it to share. The days ahead and the countdown to our first child’s FIRST birthday is really a neat journey. I’m fully enjoying it and we are actually set to celebrate and ring this new milestone in! God was just showing off when he made her. He likes to do that, you know?!

Have a fulfilled day!


5 thoughts on “A Work So Fine

  1. Amazing.
    I love you both with all my heart … and just as you said, “While many a tender heart has been moved to love you greatly, there’s no greater love for you than that of God’s above.”
    From different worlds and lives, God brings love.

  2. Wow. You are incredibly gifted in writing. When I first began reading it, I thought you had gotten off some website, but then it all too well described your experience. I love this!

  3. Dad says:

    Beautiful words, Julie. Vivi snatched my heartstrings in so many ways this past weekend. I smile to myself when I see something that she touched – like the ceramic kitty that she was able to reach from her port-a-crib. I’m sure it needed the thorough licking that she gave it…

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