I was thinking to myself when I was hit with inspiration to blog this morning, Do I even acknowledge how embarrassingly long it’s been since I last posted?

I guess my final outcome from the conversation was to go ahead and write. After all, I have been busy lately with our almost 1-year old daughter. (Jeez, you had to go there again, didn’t you? Here come the waterworks!) However, I realized that most of my writing has been blocked by simply the lack of true inspiration. Most all my inspiration comes from the truth of the Gospel and how compelling it is for me and how God wants me to share it. So, the real confession here is my lack of quality time spent in God’s Word. But since I’ve already talked to Him about it and it matters most to Him, I’m digressing and moving on. Here’s to starting afresh!

God use me!


One thought on “Confessions

  1. Confession is good for the soul!!

    You’ve been missed, but you have been busy with your angel.

    Can’t wait to see what’s on your mind/heart.

    Luv ya girl,

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