Continued Progress and Birthday Wishes!

Just a quick update on Uncle David. He is continuing to do well at Cardinal Hill and has been moving himself from his bed to wheelchair with little to no assistance. He is able to wheel himself around a bit with his good arm and has overall been making daily progress. He is really enjoying the visitors and phone calls; the uplifting is doing his soul good!

My mom mentioned that he will actually get to do a field trip of sorts tomorrow to U.K.’s arboretum with other physical rehabilitation patients. I’m sure he’s pining for the beautiful outdoors considering how much of an outdoor sportsman he is. The sunshine, warmth, and fresh air will hopefully do him even more good.

It’s looking like he will actually be released towards the end of next week to continue healing at home and doing home health rehabilitation for awhile. He won’t be able to return to his and Tina’s house just yet seeing as how it’s not outfitted as well for his rehabilitation needs. He will be going to his in-law’s home for an indefinite period to continue recovering in a comfortable setting.

Every day of David’s journey and recovery has proven to be a testimony to God’s faithfulness and His desire to use David purposefully to impact his kingdom. David has said he senses God’s presence near him in the hospital and at Cardinal Hill. As a caring and concerned family member from afar, this just gives me so much joy and peace in the midst of this trial. David is certainly able to rest in God’s sovereignty and draw strength from his unending power.

On a different and equally as joyful note, today is a special day in our family, as my Grandma (Dad and David’s momma) is celebrating her 80th birthday! She sounded so good and chipper this morning when I called to wish her a happy birthday. I know she is looking forward to visits with David when he’s back home and is as hopeful as we all are for the fullest recovery possible for her little (baby!) boy. You just have to know Grandma to understand and appreciate just how sharp her memory and vivid story telling is as well as how gracefully she’s “grown up”. My dad should feel AWFUL about telling her she’s older than dirt! (Ha! Inside joke, of course. He’s ornery, but not that ornery!)

Thanks for your continued prayers and thoughtful comments for David. I plan on printing them off to give to David for motivation in his journey ahead. We appreciate you all!


One thought on “Continued Progress and Birthday Wishes!

  1. Travis Family says:

    GREAT NEWS!!!!! continues!!!!! I know that David being able to be in “home surroundings” will enhance his miracle recovery even more!!!! He continues to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Kevin, Vicky, Adam and Clay

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