R3 Challenge Update

Well, I feel like such a late bloomer here, but today I really cleaned out a lot of recyclables that I’ve stored in the garage. Other than reusing or repurposing items, this is really a first for me on the sorting side of it. I decided to take a quick drive to a nearby county recycling center and Vivi and I both needed the time out of the house. I know I can easily contact my waste pickup company and request a bin, which I still might, but there is something a little gratifying about taking the actual material to a recycling center and throwing it into the sort bins. (And if you have some aggression to unleash, throwing your green/clear/brown glass bottles into the bins and hearing it all break is kind of freeing!)

It feels so much better knowing that all the junk mail and phone books and unwanted newspapers that end up at my house are being recycled. As well, the burden of knowing what to do with most of the baby formula cans has been lifted, too. What few canisters I can’t recycle, I’m going to encourage Eric to make a baby set of drums for Vivi and then decorate the rest and use for a piggy bank and a kitchen utensil holder for my countertop.

Now, if somehow I could just lessen the overwhelming amount of diapers we are sending to the landfill. Cloth diapers? Nah. I wish I were that good! Maybe Vivi will take to potty training a little soon?! Anyway, hopefully by that time, we’ll have another little one running around here in diapers, God willing!


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