making ¢ents: Publix 4.14.09

I’ve hopped on the train of penny pinching mamas and I’m gaining speed! Tonight I had 10 minutes before my nearby Publix closed and I grabbed the coupons and my “To Buy” list, eager to make sure I got my 1¢ deal before it expired today, and scurried to grab some items.

Overall, I didn’t save as much as I had hoped, but considering I bought several high-ticket items, I’m not disappointed in the least!

Here’s a rundown (Q = coupon):

  • (2) Similac Advance, reg. price $22.49 on sale @ $21.49 ea. ($2.00 Target/Competitor Q), ($6.00 Upromise dollars) Final $17.40 ea./Total $34.98
  • (3) Publix brand bleach, reg. price $1.29 ea. (purchased for 1¢ ea. as it was this week’s mystery Q item) Total $0.03
  • (1) Starbucks Ground Coffee, reg. price $9.99 ea. on sale @ $6.99 ea. ($1.00 Q) Total $5.99
  • (8) Beech-Nut Baby Food items, reg. $0.50 ea. ($1.50 Publix Q), ($1.00 Upromise dollars) Final $0.19 ea./Total $1.50
  • (1) Kotex item, reg. price $3.15 ea. (Buy 1 Get 1/”BOGO” Free Kotex Tampon) Total $3.15
  • (1) Kotex item, reg. price $3.15 ea. (Free from above purchase) ($0.75 Q) Total ($3.90)
  • (1) Publix Isopropyl Alcohol, 16 oz. reg. price $0.97 ea. (Free w/Publix Baby Coupons) Total ($0.97)
  • (1) Huggies Supreme, Sz. 3, 80 ct. on sale $19.99 ea. ($3.00 Publix Q) ($1.50 Upromise dollars) Total $15.49
  • (1) Huggies Wipes, 84 ct. reg. price $2.99 ea. (Free w/purchase of Huggies diapers) Total ($2.99)
  • (1) Huggies Supreme, Sz. 1, 66 ct. reg. price $16.99 ($5.00 Publix Q) Total $11.99
  • (1) General Mills Cheerios Whole Grains, reg. price $4.29 on sale BOGO free, sale price $2.15 ea. ($1.00 of 3 Q) Total $1.81
  • (1) General Mills Cheerios Vanilla Yogurt, reg. price $4.29 on sale BOGO free, sale price $2.15 ea. Total $1.81
  • (1) General Mills Cheerios Stawberry Yogurt, reg. price $4.29 on sale BOGO free, sale price $2.15 ea. Total $1.82
  • (2) Lipton Tea Family Sz. 24 ct., reg. price $2.65 ($1.00 off 2 Q) Final $2.15 ea./Total $4.30*
  • (2) Post Cereals Trail Mix Crunch, reg. price $3.99 ea. (2, $1.00 off Q) ($1.00 Upromise dollars) Final $2.99 ea./Total $5.98

*The total of this item(s) is good towards a FREE $20.00 Ham or turkey through a Unilever promotion!

$146.93 Original Pricing w/tax

($39.52) Savings w/BOGO and Qs and $9.50 Free College Money!

$101.91 Total OOP (Total spent Out Of Pocket, including tax)

33% Savings, Including College Savings!

Again, I know 33% is trivial compared to how much some people are able to save, but usually the higher savings come with stockpile items. These aren’t necessarily stockpile items, as they are day to day essentials with a tiny cushion, if you will. There certainly are some “treats” in this grocery cart: Starbuck’s coffee (yum!), baby food (I make my own, but I figured having some on hand for travel would be great), and Huggies (the “cadillac” of diapers; we usually use Luvs, but I was able to get these around $0.18 per diaper which is really good…plus, I grabbed a newborn size 1 to make a diaper cake for my brother’s baby and will throw in the free wipes as one of the gifts!), and 5 boxes of cereal is a record high for this family, but we’ve got to get in the habit of eating breakfast, so I’m hoping this helps!

I’ve also compiled a two-week menu and am shopping for that tomorrow and hoping to grab more deals. I’ll keep you posted!


One thought on “making ¢ents: Publix 4.14.09

  1. Mom says:

    Way to go girl! Onced you work in an accounting field you become a penny pincher, except on grandkids! (0: then you splurge!

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