David’s Tuesday Report

I’ve got a few details to pass along about the next surgery as well as some very specific prayer needs.

First, another great sign of improvement is David getting to eat REAL FOOD today. I remember thinking a week ago when I spent the night at UK Hospital just how miserable All. Those. Tubes. looked that were supplying David with nutrition, fluids, pain meds, the PICC line in his chest, even one keeping his left lung inflated, and the ventilator for breathing assistance.  Most disheartening was the tube with the liquified food! Being a lover of food, I can say I take for granted the “tasting and seeing” of all the Lord has given us in the area of good food. I remember telling Tim or Lance one, how for David’s sake, I couldn’t wait until he was well enough to eat REAL FOOD! (Especially the mangos he loves so much.) Well, it looks like he’s well on his way; almost All. Those. Tubes. are gone!

The date for David’s next surgery is Monday. I imagine it will be scheduled for first thing in the morning like the last one, barring no traumas roll in that would take the O.R. he’s scheduled for.

David will definitely need extensive therapy and rehabilitation in the near future. There are two centers that he could possibly be sent to, the closer being Cardinal Hill in Lexington, the other a place in Louisville. Obviously, the Lexington location would be optimal given the close proximity to Irvine and his home, thus the driving and visits that Tina and the boys, as well as others will make, will be made easier.

The two specific prayer needs on top of David’s ongoing recovery are for: Monday’s surgery and praying favor for the Cardinal Hill/Lexington location for David’s therapy. And I would personally like to add Bart Jones as well; David’s passenger in the wreck. I’m not sure on all the details, but I do know that there are some concerns about his vision and the eye injury he sustained during the accident. We can all be in agreement for a full restoration to his sight!

Again, these are just todays highlights. As you can imagine, there are immediate changes happening in Tina, Tim & Ashley, and Lance’s lifestyles and there is undoubtedly exhaustion and emotions that we can pray for God’s grace to be their covering. Obviously, not every detail regarding this situation are at full disclosure, but we all can rest in knowing that God knows, he cares, he loves, and he has a plan.

We are all appreciating your prayers and the depth of your love through all of this!


One thought on “David’s Tuesday Report

  1. Quinley/Lynch Family says:

    David has always been a ray of sunshine when we come into Kroger. He is always concerned about my mom, Nancy Quinley, anytime that she is sick or injured.
    Now, we want David and his family to know that HE is in our thoughts and prayers constantly.

    We are ecstatic about the improvement to normal food and no more intubation!! We will definitely remember him during the surgery on Monday. If there is ANYTHING that we can do to help David or his family, please let us know.

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