Great Update on David!

It’s Saturday afternoon, 1 week and 1 day after David’s wreck and I just got the best news in a long, long week. DAVID IS OFF THE VENTILATOR! Praise God, he is breathing on his own!

Lance just called to tell me they had taken him off the ventilator, taken out the breathing tube, and that he actually is speaking. He told Lance he loved him and missed him. If that doesn’t make you want to do cartwheels then I don’t know what would!

We all needed this ‘ray of good light’! David needed it most!

My dad and mom, Ralph and Debbie, spent last night at the hospital with David. Dad updated me this morning reporting:


  • fever was still present, but the temp was low
  • pain medication had been changed and he seemed to be doing okay
  • culture on the PICC site was ran (A PICC is an intravenous line access put in the upper chest, near the heart, for meds and fluids. After severe trauma, arm and leg veins can be difficult to access and can easily become infiltrated). The test on the culture came back negative…no sign of infection at the site! They then moved the IV back to his arm.
  • next step would be coming off the ventilator, ✓ CHECK MARK!, and waking up.
  • swelling, especially in right arm, would be treated with lasix drugs to reduce the fluid retention

One of the current hurdles David has to cross is continuing the breathing with the pain of all the broken ribs. (If you’ve even had a pulled muscle around your ribcage before and you know how badly it hurts to breathe, then just imagine all your ribs on one side being broken!) But, he’s survived this tragic accident, he can do this!

Surgery for the ankle will be sometime next week. I’ll give more details for that as they become available!

I’m thrilled to share this update today! I’m praising God and I’m so thankful; asking Him for continued improvements and strength for each moment. He is able!

Thanks for all the encouragement you’ve been showing David and his family!


5 thoughts on “Great Update on David!

  1. Stephanie Jones says:

    This was wonderful news!! Thank you for all you do to keep us all updated. It helps to have specifics to pray for.

  2. Pam Francis says:

    I am starting to hear the music that we are going to dance to on the other side of this firey trial…..Halleluia!!! Answers to prayers~ Celebrate!!!

  3. Jillian says:

    David, Tina and family,

    I have always looked up to Julie for believing in God the way she does. If I had half of the knowledge that Julie has in our Father…….WOW! I know that prayer works, I mean, just look around us. I have had your family (even though I only know you as Julie’s family) in my thoughts and prayers. I hope God will continue to do miracles on David, give the family strength to climb the mountains ahead, and just give peace to each family member that has been affected by this accident. Thank you Julie for your reports, and I love you!!!

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