1 Week, David Update

Today makes one week since the horrific car accident. The calls that were made for emergency help, calls to the family, calls about David’s unknown condition in the wee hours of Saturday morning…it’s all still way too fresh. Yet, at the same time, it seems like years have been added to our lives as we’ve all waited with bated breath for news of hope, plans of action, and assurance that we still have David with us.

I believe your prayers are reaching heaven and making a difference. On behalf of David and our entire family, thank you! Just knowing that all of this matters enough for you to seek God for peace and healing along with us means so much. The fact that there isn’t much news to report today is hopefully good news.

David’s temperature is reported to be improving. They’ve also changed his pain medication from morphine to something else. Not sure if this indicates anything along the lines of improvement, but I’m just thankful for anything that helps him not feel the deep pain that is associated with his injuries and surgeries.

Please say a prayer for Tina today. She isn’t feeling well and I know there’s a lot of exhaustion there, too. Pray for strength for all of them!

That’s about all for now. You know I’ll keep you posted!


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