David Update, Thursday, Apr. 2

Hello, All.

Not much in the way of updates today. We went to see David this afternoon and given all that he’s having to recover from, he was looking good. I had noticed there was practically no brain/head swelling now. After yesterday’s surgery, they have his left leg in a suspended sling and I think that’s causing him to shift towards the end of the bed even more…which looks uncomfortable! Those of you that know my Uncle David, his sons, my dad and brother, and other Arvin boys, you know that their 6′ 1″ and taller frames just don’t jibe with the average hospital bed!

David has also had a fever today. The numbers were coming down this afternoon, but his body is obviously fighting something off. That can be our prayer going into the next few days…that the temperature would return to normal. Tina also said she should be told tomorrow (Friday) when David’s next surgery is, which will be on his ankle.

The reality is, there are many things that Tina and the boys are going to start facing as they enter into the next several weeks of David’s ongoing recovery: returning to work, housework, paying bills, juggling travel demands and tiredness, getting through all the paperwork regarding the accident, and much more. They could really use encouragement and prayers for strength.

It’s so hard to see this person you know, care about, and love going through this. I thought about my role as a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sibling and how I especially hurt for Tina, my grandma, Tim & Lance, and my dad and his brothers. I wish these people I loved weren’t having to go through this, but I’m thankful for the strength we can depend on and receive from the One who hold’s David in his hands.

Thanks to those of you who are posting your comments here. You don’t have to know me to post, but if you have something to say to David and his family, please do so. Tina is eager for me to print all this out and let her look through it for encouragement. Most of all, she thinks David would be encouraged, too!

Good night!


2 thoughts on “David Update, Thursday, Apr. 2

  1. “I wish these people I loved weren’t having to go through this, but I’m thankful for the strength we can depend on and receive from the One who hold’s David in his hands.”


  2. Pam Francis says:

    It is tough not having the answers to this pain-filled situation….however, the God David knows, loves, and serves loves him and family and friends with an everlasting love. He holds David in the center of His heart…and knows every hair and heartbeat. He fearfully and wonderfully made David and He can also heal the son that He created. We are to trust God during this very special time. He has all the answers….and He knows the footsteps that He has ordered for David. God wins…everytime. I do know that David and Bart’s testimonies are touching the lives of those who don’t know the Lord. All things WILL work together for good and to the Glory of God. We will pray through this firey trial and we will dance on the other side in God’s victory.

    with much love and prayers,

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