Our Family Needs Your Prayers; Uncle David’s Condition

This is going to be a lengthy post, but it’s just to update everyone on what’s happening. I initially started putting updates on Facebook, but I know there are several of you reading that aren’t on Facebook. Here is the situation and our urgent need for prayers…

12:30am, Sat., March 28, 2009

I received word about an hour ago that my uncle, David Arvin, the youngest of my dad’s three surviving brothers (the youngest of the 6 boys) was in a serious car accident with another friend. They were leaving work and heading home.

David is listed as being in critical condition but stable at UK hospital. He is set to be in surgery any moment for a broken leg (3 breaks, and at least one compound fracture). His arm is also badly broken, has bleeding on the brain, a collapsed lung, and a lacerated liver. The organ damage is of serious concern, but the Dr.’s have told my Aunt that it appears the sum of all the injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

David has spoken some, but has little memory of what actually happened. The cause of the wreck is unknown. My sister-in-law, Irina, is a 3rd year Resident doc at UK and will be helping the family to hopefully understand better what’s happening and perhaps be our liaison, though he is not under her direct medical care.

Please pray for David and the man he was traveling with, for the healing of their injuries, the doctors and medical staff working to treat them, for my Aunt Tina (David’s wife), Tim & Ashley and Lance (David’s sons), my grandmother, my other family members and my dad and mom. We’re all committing our trust to the LORD.







8 a.m. Update, Saturday March 28, 2009

For those of you praying, thank you and please keep it up. He really needs your prayers.

David was taken into surgery sometime around 2:30 a.m., according to Lance’s last text message. My mom also just called and said that he is recently out of surgery, finished (for now) around 6am. The trauma team is basically uncovering more and more injuries and the road ahead is a perilous one. The total breaks in David’s badly injured leg are nearly too numerous to count; between the ankle, tibia, and femur, there are close to (and maybe well over) 20 breaks, at least one of those being a compound break…a break thru the skin. After surgery on just the ankle area, basically just 4 hours of intensive “clean up” is all they could do, they tried removing the breathing tube, but David wasn’t able to breathe on his own, so it’s been reinserted. This could be due to the lung that is low-functioning, the pain that keeps him from taking deep breaths, the anesthesia, or all of it combined. That is obviously a big concern–his ability to breathe on his own.

I’m going to just kind of bullet point the other details because they came all together and I was still hung up on the number of breaks my mom described to me…

• The doctors are saying there is a 3 out of 5 chance his foot may not heal as hoped and he may lose it.

•It appears that a couple broken ribs caused the collapsed lung.

•He has lots of drain tubes from the major injuries and they are all draining blood. There still may be more internal injuries than expected. But for now, the tube in the lung is at least draining it and keeping it from filling up with fluid.

• There is a high risk of infection from the combined seriousness of the injuries. Please pray that he would be protected from getting blood clots, infections, and pneumonia.

•He definitely needs additional surgery, many of them, but they aren’t planning to operate again until Monday. His injuries are too severe and they only addressed the ankle surgery because it was exposed to air and infection from the compound fracture.

• His shoulder or arm has at least four breaks and those will also be addressed later.

Accident details: It looks like there were 3 vehicles involved. David was hit head-on and basically received all the severe injuries since many of the hits came to his left driver’s side. It took about 20 minutes for the accident response team to cut David out of the car. According to the wreckage, it’s a miracle David is living–so there’s God’s first mighty act in all of this! We know there is a purpose to David’s survival!

The other passenger, Bart Jones, is injured and will need surgery, but he has remained in the ER over night and his condition appears to be much more stable and less life-threatening than David’s. He should make a full recovery.

To say the least, the extent of his injuries are very severe. We are all keeping a positive attitude and leaning into Jesus.

Please pray for David! And pray for Tina, Tim & Ashley, Lance, my Grandma, my parents, and our extended family. Please pray for guidance, wisdom, and revelation for David’s doctors, surgeons, and nurses.

I will keep the updates coming. Thanks!





10:35 p.m. Update, Saturday March 28, 2009

First, we are aware of so many people praying and sharing this request on other prayer lists. Thank you. It’s evident that prayers are working.

David has been moved from PACU to an ICU room. He’s being somewhat sedated or allowed to rest with the use of heavy pain meds. The fact he was moved is probably a good indicator that he is off the ventilator, which would be a great report. Also, they’ve inserted a feeding tube to help nourish his body and aid in the healing process. He was awaking a little agitated and bothered by the tubes, which can be expected under such distress and sedation, so they’ve secured his hands with ties for safety.

My sister-in-law went to check in today and from her medical perspective, she summarizes that getting through the next several weeks is critical, but the bone breaks will heal (we hope they heal WELL) and that internally, his organs seem to be functioning as best as can be expected with the extent of damages. Also his brain is swollen, but does not appear to be bleeding. This is also to be expected with such trauma.



Thanks for your continuous prayers. Please keep them coming. It looks like I’ll be taking Viv and going to KY to help where ever I can. I’ll try to keep the updates coming.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday. First, there wasn’t much in the way of updates and secondly, we (Vivian and I) were on the road up to KY to be with the family. I made it from my driveway to Berea’s exit 76 in exactly 5 hours of non-stop driving mostly in the rain. We stopped in Berea only long enough for me to stretch my legs, nibble on something, and change Viv’s diaper. She did great! Then we went straight to U.K. Hospital to see the family.

I did not go into the ICU yesterday, but there had been a lot of visitor’s throughout the day, so Tina, Lance, & Tim as well as Grandma and Dad and his other brother Carl and all of Tina’s family, were all feeling the love and concern from those that know David.

I wanted to correct something from my earlier update. David is NOT breathing on his own, he is still intubated. He is heavily sedated and is only in and out of it when his meds start to metabolize a bit, hence pain, and then the next dose puts him back to deep rest. When he does stir, he’s pulling on the tubes and wires, so he’s being restrained for his safety. It’s just a reaction to the feeling of irritation from the tubes.

We do know that they have dismissed the neurologist from the case indicating that there seems to be no neurological damage or brain damage. While his brain is still swollen, it’s just an effect of the heavy trauma and fluid build-up. There appears to be no threat of pressure, so all that is good news!

The doctors have not said anything about the next surgery. David’s condition seems so critical right now that whenever the next surgery (of the many to come) happens, it will have to be after his condition improves. Logically, that makes sense to me. It all seems very risky right now.

Tina did leave the hospital last night to get some sleep at home, after much persuading by her dad. She needed it.

There are pictures of David’s car from the accident that I’ve yet to see, mostly because I don’t know if I can see them. But, from others’ account, it is frightening. His survival is of near disbelief. Mangled, demolished, death-trap…there isn’t an accurate enough description. David’s entire left side of his body is, as you can imagine, suffering every crushing blow that his car received.

Today has been quiet in the way of updates. I did overhear mom talking with Tina indicating he was still receiving blood as he has lost (and is still losing) some. We’re all just remaining prayerful about David’s recovery and the course of action to get him well. God is no-doubt at work and hearing all the prayers. God is able to heal and we pray his is also willing to perform miracles in the way of David’s recovery.

Thanks and much love to all!


PS – I encourage you to please leave words of encouragement for David, Tina and the boys on here. We’ve been showing Tina the Facebook comments and she was tearfully humbled and overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and prayers from so many people she doesn’t even know.





It means so much to us!


2 thoughts on “Our Family Needs Your Prayers; Uncle David’s Condition

  1. Tina…..words just can’t express the sorrow I feel for David and you….and the whole Arvin family. I have known and loved the Family for so many years…..I want you and the rest of the family to know that I have David all wrapped up in my Prayers and in my heart…..along with you and the family.
    I just ask the Lord to give each of you an extra portion of His Grace and Love………For everything there is a purpose, even though we cannot understand it all while we are here in the flesh…….just know you are loved and Prayers are being lifted up…
    Love, {{hugs}} and Prayers, Jeanette Combs

  2. Tina & family,

    God is our Almighty Healer and He is with your family during this time. Cling to the knowledge that David is in HIS care and God is in control.

    You have a long road ahead of you… but you have a strong support network.

    Many blessings to you & your family,
    Allison & Craig Ahrens

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