Just When a Restaurant Sounded Good…

…I had to go and watch this episode of Chef Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. This poorly managed restaurant was a dump to say it nicely. I’m sure I’ve eaten at my fair share of “dumps” in my lifetime. However, it got me thinking about how often I’ve secretly wished for a dine-out night with Eric in the recent past and how glorious the experience of a good restaurant really is. But then I watch the above mentioned episode, and I realize not only how blessed I am to be cooking good meals at home, but just how gypped I would have felt had I known I saved the money to go out to eat, only to end up in a restaurant like Fiesta Sunrise. Ew! and Argh!

Oh, the plethora of choices a menu has to offer, getting exactly what suits me (which most definitely will be different from what my husband orders), cheerfully brought to my table from an eager and knowledgeable server in an acceptable amount of time, and then that table and those plates are cleaned up and I simply walk out the door a satisfied paying customer. What a wealthy idea!

Since we’ve changed our lifestyle to adjust to only one income, we have drastically–almost completely–cut out restaurant dining. We realize just how much we took those opportunities for granted now that most all our meals are eaten at home. It is certainly a rare and celebrated occasion that we eat out. And then, it’s only with gift cards and coupons!

We have experienced the economical benefits of budgeted meals at home, but we’ve gained more than just extra money to go towards different expenses, we’ve gained discipline, quality control, creativity, togetherness, and so much more!

Being blessed with quality, nutritious food to prepare at home in a kitchen with running water, clean plates, and a simple conversation over a dimly lit table with loved ones is underrated, and it’s done everyday without much thanks. Even moreso, the event of taking said loved one to a restaurant and enjoying a delicious meal, which you didn’t shop for, prepare for, cook, or clean-up after is surely a thing that only the rich can afford.

If you’re reading this, and you’ve eaten out at least once in the past month, surely you know you’re RICH, right? That’s the point of my post…the point of my thoughts. I am fortunate to have many riches in life and I’m blessed to carry on like a truly rich person, even if most, if not all, our meals are prepared at home (and were purchased on triple coupon weekend!)

We are in the Balanced series at church right now and having already done the curriculum with our small group, I just can’t get over how much abundance we are afforded and how our needs are always met. Everynow and then we get to behave like filthy rich people and go dine outside our home and be pampered with hot food we didn’t cook and don’t have to clean up after! Wow!


2 thoughts on “Just When a Restaurant Sounded Good…

  1. Jules!
    My thoughts exactly:) Just like you read my mind. I can’t believe how much we used to eat out. We’re going to dinner for V-Day and I am so excited. Mostly because the restaurant we’re going to sent us coupons in the mail! YAY!!!!

  2. Julie,
    We LOVE that show!!! (I’m a sucker for anything Gordon Ramsey does)

    Anyway, Craig and I have really cut down on the amount of dining out we do. We’ll usually treat our family once a week – the end of the week as a ‘Hey, great week’ kind of treat. Quite honestly – I don’t miss it. There’s just something about sitting around your own table that makes it more satisfying.

    Even for V-day, we’ve opted to NOT go out for dinner (Married Life Live only) and then Craig’s going to make my favorite meal on Sunday…. YUMMY!!

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