Maria in Minneapolis

To Maria in Minneapolis, a stranger of sorts, yet now someone that is connected to our story from just a happenstance of clicking on a search engine result for “lime green” (which directed her to this post), thank you for the reminder that I need to get back to telling my story, our story, because I’m convinced that God will continue to use it for His glory.

[Maria, the answer to your question, What song was played in the finalization video?, it is Watermark (Christy Nockels) from their self-titled album, Watermark, and the song is What Manner of Love.]

Maria came to leave a comment on my blog after an Internet search led her to a previous post, and then she watched this video. That specific post is one of my favorite writings and one of my favorite memories since becoming a mother. Today, another favorite was inserted into my mommy’s memory bank. Vivian is tackling her first cold and it’s heartbreaking to me. However, I’m still so incredibly thankful for her perfect health, which I believe to be one reason why she’s doing so well, even though it’s icky. But, just moments ago, I think she realized the look on my face after using the snot sucker bulb as a look of empathy and helplessness — on both our parts. It was so rewarding! Her simple expression connected instantly with me. It said, “Mom, I know you’re trying to help all you can. You’re doing a good job, and I think we’re gonna make it.”

At 5 months and 4 weeks of age, that’s just not a moment I want slipping from my bank, so I wanted to share it. It really is the simple things!

I hope you are all doing well and staying warm. Thanks for continuing to visit my blog!

Julie & Family

*Blogging hasn’t become a back burner hobby, it’s just become slightly more inconvenient since I left my full-time job and no longer made use of the church’s laptop I was assigned. You’d probably laugh if you saw my setup, but I can’t complain, because all I told my husband was that I needed computer/internet access for my days at home as a full-time mom, on the cheap, and my wish was granted. I’m using my flat screen TV as a computer monitor and my desk is my upholstered ottoman, fit with a wireless mouse and a bluetooth keyboard, which sits about 12 ft. from the TV armoire. While that is an ideal setup in many ways, I try to be very intentional about limiting my time, or any time for that matter, in front of the TV during the day. That’s not my job. Vivian, our house, our errands, our bills, our laundry, our floors, and everything else — that is my job!

So, while my very good and honest friends hold me accountable by saying that that isn’t a good enough excuse to not blog and share updates and pictures, there you have it. That’s why the posts have become less and less. But alas, my very good and gadgety inclined husband has yet another plan to get me back to writing very soon. We’re just a few cables and some installation time short of being there, but we will be soon!


2 thoughts on “Maria in Minneapolis

  1. Maria in Minneapolis says:

    Got your email, and the answer. Bless your family! I have 5 children ranging in age from 29 down to 7 years old. 2 boys and 3 girls. Just recently became a grandma. I am astounded every day by my children and our Saviour’s loving grace and beauty inside each of them.
    May Vivien live a long and prosperous and mainly a Jesus centered life!

    By the way when I first glimpsed you on the video, I thought I “know” her….so it is befitting that we met!
    Maria in Mpls

  2. Erin says:

    YAY!!! I am sooo glad to see you back blogging! I kept checking back and back and back and YAY today I checked and there you were! I LOVE YOU! ; )

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