Fabulous News! Oh, and Apologies for Dropping Off the Planet

First, we are all doing very well!

It seems that my bloggy tendencies went into a deep hibernation on Nov. 1 when I surprised my family in KY with a visit, just me and Vivi. Since returning, continuing to establish a healthy sleep and eating routine for my baby girl has been numero uno, and we’ve succeeded excellently!

Vivi is thriving and wow-ing us every. single. day. Her laughs color my world and her smiles stretch far and long, wrapping a big hug over and over in my heart. It’s funny how when she was first born, I couldn’t see these days coming. We were so focused on nurturing our situational relationships with the adoption and all things newborn (which is a lot!) As well, we were sleep-deprived and spinning from the thrills of being new parents. We just couldn’t see these days coming, of which I am glad!

I like surprises. Some folks don’t, but I do. The element of surprise reminds me to be flexible, yield to surrendering my control, and live authentically with emotion and being completely in-the-moment when the surprise comes. Hence, not wanting to know the gender of our baby, surprising my parents with a visit, and so on.

Surprises on days like today, when I walk in and find a feisty little girl awake and playing in her crib, not whimpering but completely content, and I watched as the realization surfaced that I was standing next to her. It caused her to erupt into giggles and a bashful smile! I AM SO STINKIN’ GLAD I DIDN’T KNOW YESTERDAY THAT THAT MOMENT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TODAY! It was pure, wonderful, unexpected, fulfilling — a perfect surprise!

God, thank you for the refreshing peace and confidence you give when you let a little babe’s tender smile and twinkling eyes meet me face to face!

My thoughts are all a’swirl today as I think on the richness of God’s blessing and this season of celebrating reconcilement of sinner to Savior! Also, so many things concerning God’s will for us as parents and having Vivian as our first child just continue to manifest themselves as clear signs that this is the handiwork of a mighty, Father God.

In other news, some red-tape snags caused us to miss out on finalizing our petition to adopt on December 1 as scheduled. Through a miraculous and God-sized movement, we are for sure (like really, really, really for sure) going to finalize on December 15! I feel awful that my parents and Eric’s parents, who had arranged to be here for the December 1 date had to alter their plans, but still, even in the trial and heartache that caused, God worked things out according to His purposes and to make His name great! When we were looking through our finances to meet the extra costs of a placement investigation, God provided through generous friends. When we needed favor from state offices that certainly had no indebtedness to us that would grant such favor, God still moved and made the reports happen just in time!

So, with that awesome news, I’ll close by saying that Vivian turned 4 months yesterday, she’s growing perfectly, and has started rolling over. (Hopefully some video of that will come soon! As for now, she’s a stealth flipper…only rolling over just as we glance away. But, we know she’s doing it!) She’s a super cereal and banana eater and is proving to be quite an easy baby! Love, love, love her!

I will work on posting pictures soon. You’ll love seeing how big she’s grown! For now, it’s a perfect time to sign-off and warm a bottle!



4 thoughts on “Fabulous News! Oh, and Apologies for Dropping Off the Planet

  1. Meli says:

    Well, Ms Priss it’s about time that you did some updating.. I am so glad to hear that you guys are doing great.. Can’t wait to see those pics. Love you and miss you bunches.. Meli

  2. Sandy says:

    I am happy to see that you did not in fact drop of the face of the Earth, that said I am sad that I did not get to visit while you were so near!! It is wonderful news that you are getting to witness first hand all of the glorious firsts in Vivi’s life. You guys are always near and dear to me…love you all!

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