Barefoot Bird Batter

Well, partially barefooted I should say…

Here is a cute video from Wednesday morning of Vivian after her 6:30 a.m. feeding/waketime. After her bottle ‘o sunshine juice (formula), she usually sits in her bouncy while I hit the bottle ‘o sunshine juice…er, I mean coffee. It always takes her a few moments to open her eyes and realize her own personal rainforest is in front of her, but when she gets going, she’s in the groove.

A few weeks ago, it was all swing and miss batting…not much direct contact with the objects she was eyeballing. It’s so cool to watch a baby’s development over time! Vivi is connecting the thoughts that hitting the bird will make the music come on and the monkey up top will swing from side-to-side. She’s our little Barefoot Bird Batter!


2 thoughts on “Barefoot Bird Batter

  1. Sarah says:

    its so funny to know that we have the same morning scenario! sinclair nurses and then plays in the bouncer while i drink my (decaf) coffee 🙂

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