R3 Challenge: Part 1, Formula Cans

What’s R3 you ask? It’s my quick abbreviation of a personal decision to decrease my family’s wasteful impact in our beautiful world. It stands for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

I’m just learning more about recycling and we have a long, long way to go to operate more efficiently and less wastefully, but we have to start somewhere, right?

The thing I’ve noticed since becoming a parent with a formula-fed baby is the waste from the formula cans. When not being used for it’s purpose of storing powdered milk, an empty can tossed in the trash takes up massive space! Baby maintenance in general takes up a lot of the trashcan’s room each week and while there are some things I’m definitely not into giving up, like disposable diapers, I feel burdened to make better use of the items we empty, like the formula cans.

I found this article regarding a good start on how to repurpose infant formula cans, but I’m wondering if YOU have any other brilliant ideas to share? Eric’s already said he can organize loose bolts, screws, nails, nuts, etc. in the garage as well with them. At 2.5 cans every two weeks, and increasing amounts as Vivian grows, we’ve got a long road ahead and your clever ideas are appreciated!

And if you’re just beginning on a similar R3 challenge of your own, where did you start and what neat things have you repurposed?


One thought on “R3 Challenge: Part 1, Formula Cans

  1. jessica kent says:

    hey i have cans (green beans/corn) that i have decorated and now use as pen/pencil holders! I decorated using scrapbook paper and with ribbon or other cute things that match my house! if you google decorated cans you can see all the wonderful ideas! miss you love you

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