DST Challenge: How to Shift in Our Schedule

Well, Daylight Savings Time is coming this weekend. Sunday, November 2nd will mark the end of 2008’s DST and I’m freaking out…sort of. Thanks to a friend’s Facebook comment, I realized that the time difference is approaching and while I’m happy for Eric (who will get an extra hour’s sleep, which is needed due to early KidStuf call times on Sunday), I’m thrown for a loop because my life, and Viv’s too, is so. incredibly. scheduled!

I think I’ll try one of a few approaches:

a) just let that extra 25th hour sneak in there and not adjust for it prior to that day and see if Viv will sleep an extra hour, or

b) spend the few days ahead of time adjusting the start of feeding times, or

c) just wake up earlier on Sunday (our usual 6:30 a.m. feeding time would now be 5:30 a.m.) and then compensate by stretching the feedings out throughout the day(s) following the end of DST.

I’m leaning towards B. It seems like the preparational route is more controlled (yet flexible) and it’s gearing up for the change not reacting/responding to the change after the fact. Perhaps a little more structured and intentional.

Wow! Has motherhood changed me or what?!

Yes, I know this isn’t a true dilemma, but I’m so thankful for the perfect little sleeper and eater that God’s blessed us with. I just want to do it right for ALL our sakes! (And, I have so many friends with newborns that this is probably a good reminder for all of us to have a stategy in mind for DST!)

Here’s a link that I just found that backs up my option B.

Here’s to an extra helping of time and to all the smoke alarm batteries that need changing. Oh, and winterizing your outside water lines…and gutter cleaning…and all the other bi-yearly things we have to do!


2 thoughts on “DST Challenge: How to Shift in Our Schedule

  1. Jackie Talavera says:

    Christian is now six and this is STILL a major issue for us! Before you have kids you think, oh good an extra hour of sleep. After kids you think, oh God, how do I keep them from getting up at 5:00 in the morning?! All I can say is, whatever way you decide to go, it won’t take her long to adjust. Kids have insane internal clocks, so sometimes it can take a few days to adjust them, but they do adjust eventually!

  2. kimberly says:

    We usually keep Mack up an extra hour at night so he still goes to bed at the “same” time. He will probably wake up a little early, but we will just wait to feed him at his usual time and stay on the same schedule based on the new time. So he still eats at 7:30, 12, etc.

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