It Was Here We Found Hope

In the Summer of 2007, Eric and I went out seeking answers on how to grow our family through adoption. We met two representatives from a Christian-based adoption consulting group in a small town about 45-minutes from here in Canton, GA. We listened as they talked about the clients they had helped grow their families since the start-up of their company. We even watched a digital profile presentation of an adoptive couple they were working to match.

Through tears, I explained the struggles I’d had with infertility and how it ached me to let go the thought of not bearing children of mine and Eric’s own biology. (I dreamed of children with his eyelashes and eye color!) It certainly wasn’t the first time they had heard a similar story from someone they had helped, but they made me feel like it was their first time. They gave us a folder to look over and I remember it contained scripture that pointed towards adoption and how God uses it to fulfill the desires of the barren. I knew I had always wanted to adopt, but it just seemed that in my mind, it would come as a natural step after producing children of my own. Why I had those fleshly expectations, I don’t know.

When we left, I was slightly more motivated than I was before, but still not there. It wasn’t until a few days later that I mustered the guts to explore their website and look into available adoption situations. We were told that adoptive needs come up quite frequently and that if we were interested in any situation they had, to just speak up and act quickly. So, there on the website I indeed found where babies were days or weeks or months away from birth and they needed moms and dads. It was also on their site that I saw many congratulatory posts about couples that had been helped by this organization to successfully match and become parents.  Some of their clients’ process only took 2 to 3 months from start to finish!

That’s where it hit me! First, how awesome is it that most of the stories I had heard about adoption were being debunked by the speed and efficiency in which this organization could work to match a couple. And two, I began dreaming of our own congratulatory post to be on that site, too!

So even though we didn’t slide our “yes” across the table to engage in the adoption process until nearly a year later, we were so thrilled that we would be working alongside Malcolm and Amy Young and their team at Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC) and Hope for Adoption. And for whatever reason, when we finally said yes, things really started to gain momentum and we covered a lot of ground very fast!

Yet still as God often does, he had a different plan. While we still made incredible use of this organization as consultants, our adoption story took off in a different direction: an independent match. God really used CAC’s team to guide us, pray and minister to us over long phone conversations, and be excited for us in the turn of events. And here we are, with a beautiful 2-month old girl, sopping up every second of this journey as her chosen parents — and we still made it to their site with a photo and congratulations!

I highly recommend you explore their website and read about the soon-to-be-born babies they are working fast to match families to. And here, I think you’ll understand a little better just how great of a need adoption is in this country and globally. If you are thinking of adoption, please let Eric and I know how we can pray for you. And PLEASE, no matter where you live, Malcolm and Amy’s team can assist families from anywhere in the United States and they are a name I trust and recommend!

As for me, I’m gonna keep on dreaming!


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