Giving Gardening a Go-at-it, Part 2

Tomatoes! Fresh off the Vine

Just thought I’d leave a picture of some of the sweet goodies I’ve grown since Memorial Day weekend. Wish I had some pictures of the yummy cucumbers we had, but after about 6 big fruit, the vines died. This picture is of the following varieties: yellow pear, sweet 100, and lemon boy.

I have pink beefsteak, bonnie original, and better boys coming in, finally! It’s taken them forever to start turning red. And, I even lost a few due to the chaos of adjusting to a baby in the home. But, I’ve got my eye on them now! For a first timer, I think I’ve done well, but I know how I’m going to change things up for next year.

Now I’m craving a tomato, mayo, cheese, and vidalia onion sammich! So, how did your summer gardens go/grow? Did you try anything new?


4 thoughts on “Giving Gardening a Go-at-it, Part 2

  1. Julie,

    Those look GREAT!!! You’re better than I am. I won’t even attempt to grow anything – well, that’s not exactly true.
    I am trying to grow 3 grapefruit plants at the office. They’re pretty cute right now & even starting to get bark. But they’re only 4 inches tall – gonna take time.

    While you’re making a sandwich, make a mayo & tom for me!

    That was my FAVORITE part about summers in NJ as a kid. My grandfather had this ROCKIN’ garden & we would eat tom sandwiches constantly!

    Luv ya girl!

  2. Carrie says:

    I hope you really don’t eat tomato, mayo, cheese, and vidalia onion sandwiches. Ugghhh. lol!

    Anyhoo, they look beautiful and now I want some, but I can’t grow anything around here thanks to all the darn bunny rabbits. I may have to turn into Elmer Fudd.

  3. very lovely! our tomatoes did GREAT this year, and the other thing that really took off is our rosemary. we have two plants, and they’re each about 2 feet around and at least 2-3 feet tall. basil didn’t do all that great, but that’s our fault for not harvesting it enough. and no luck on the cilantro…never get it to do good. any suggestions? but, if anyone needs any fresh rosemary, man can we supply!

  4. jessica kent says:

    YEAH it was my first year to plant.. and i think i did ok.. not great or anything but ok..which i am good with:)
    cherry Tomatoes were the plant of choice.. and i had about a handful (well still working on a handful) maybe i will start earlier next year!

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