Yes, I’m One of THOSE Moms!

A few significant things occurred over the weekend that caused that hard lump to form in my throat and some stinging tears to rush to my eyeballs. We had to adjust the shoulder harnesses in Viv’s carrier to the middle (taller) slot AND remove one of the head supports since it was starting to sandwich her on car rides. Sniff, sniff. Yes, I’m one of those moms.

A pang I’m sure I’ll feel over and over on my motherhood journey as I realize how fast she’s growing.


We also took one giant leap forward in parent preparedness and adventure and had our first away-from-home two-night stay at Eric’s parents home, about an hour-and-a-half away from here, just South of the ATL. It was truly an adventure! But, I’m proud of our accomplishment and I think we actually did a remarkable job! We didn’t forget anything and we hardly overpacked. Seriously. Wow!

This was Viv’s first opportunity to soak up all the great-grandparent lovin’ as Memaw and Papaw from Greensboro and Grandmamaw and Grandpapaw from Pensacola came up to visit. Also, we had some special family from Macon come to visit. So with our family, Eric’s brother’s family, his mom and dad, and all the other folks there, it was quite a fun-packed weekend! We were showered with a perfect girlie shower for Vivian. As my mother-in-law said, one fit for a debutant! She is now equipped with pretty hairbows, headbands, her first purse, a feathery princess hat and wand, a beautiful snowbunny sweater, diapers, onesies (organic, at that), a picture album she can chew on, hats, blankets, her very first dolly, and a gift card.

Vivi also had her first church introduction at her Papa’s church. Everyone there had been praying for her and it was so sweet to see their reactions knowing that a miracle had been granted to their Pastor’s family — his first granddaughter!

We’re all plain tuckered out! But, life will resume to a new normal and it feels good to have some of these big moments under our belt already.

And Vivi wants everyone to know she’s proud that her Nanna and Poppy’s 35th wedding anniversary was yesterday! They celebrated in style by fixing a leaky toilet. Now that speaks love and devotion, eh? Also, her uncle Jeremy is turning 32 today! Happy Birthday, Uncle J!


3 thoughts on “Yes, I’m One of THOSE Moms!

  1. Ah yes… the first overnight trip. I remember those well. You pack everything but the kitchen sink! I think it takes longer to pack than the actual trip.

    What a blessing to have so many family members around to love on you guys & Vivi. She certainly is going to be spoiled – which every little girl deserves.

    Much love,

  2. Kathryn says:

    Oh my goodness…
    I’d go to any babyshower, but a babyshower with all those goodies…. cheesecake on a stick… Oh my goodness. I hope that you got to try a lil of it all. You seem like such a greatful mother with such a beautiful baby!

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