Fussiness or Colic? Your Advice at Work

We’ve been lickin’ the crying periods pretty well and it has brought much relief to our home! First, it’s still a debate on whether Viv’s episodes can be called colic or just the normal crankiness that baby’s have. Regardless, the things that seem to work well for colic are the things Viv is responding very well to. Colic has a rule of three: appears in the 3rd week of life, inconsolable crying for 3 hours a day, and is seen at least 3 days a week for 3 or more weeks.

I can gratefully say that this is not all Vivian’s pattern…at least not yet, hopefully never!

I also don’t know that it’s the case of a gassy baby, but here are the things that have worked wonders:

  • Switch from Avent bottles to Dr. Brown bottles (Lots of cleaning, sanitizing, etc. as each bottle has 7 parts, but so, SO, worth it!)
  • Mylicon and Gripe Water (Gripe Water kicks hiccup’s butt! No excess air in Viv’s tummy and a little Mylicon before most feedings seems to quieten the war of fragile tummies vs. air. Next week, we’ll try the dissolvable all-natural tablets thanks to Missy’s advice!)
  • Swaddle, Shushing, and Side (Swaddling is Viv’s signal to calm herself, laying her against my chest on her right side seems to help, and soft “shhh, shhh” in her ear sends her to zzzz-land almost instantly.)
  • Switched formula to a more gentle and easily digested milk. We are now on Nestle Good Start with Natural Cultures.
  • Burp, burp, burp! – When in doubt, sit her up, give a few gentle pats, and BWAAAAARRRP! ‘At a girl, Viv! Even if she suddenly wakes from a nap and you were sure you burped her well before, give it another try. Usually, our efforts produce an amusing result and one that puts her back to sleep instantly!

Above anything though, just working off of natural God-given instincts seems to be what helps most. And prayers and patience, too! Listening to your child’s cues (cries) over a short period of time will usually educate you on which cue means what. I can clearly hear the difference in the sleep cry, diapering cry, too cold/too hot cry, and talk-to-me cry. It’s rare that she reaches the point of a hungry cry, but when it has, we definitely know that one, too!

Motherhood is amazing and it is such a gift! I can’t believe I’m living this dream — for REAL! What I love about Vivian is that she’s no text book baby. She’s truly her own snowflake; in her uniqueness, beauty, budding personality, calmness, and mystery.

And what’s a post without pictures, right? Oh, and a post-bath video from when we first came home from the hospital (which the skin rash has since cleared up!)


2 thoughts on “Fussiness or Colic? Your Advice at Work

  1. Sandy says:

    Vivi is a living doll! I am so thankful to M and T for the gift that they have you guys. I think the choices you have all made must have been very difficult AND rewarding. I am PROUD to have you as a cousin, Julie, I wish we were able to share our lives more than we do. Vivi is one VERY LUCKY little girl to have so many people loving her!!

  2. I love how you describe Vivi as her own snowflake. It is so true. Each of us is unique created by a wonderful Maker.

    We are enjoying living through this journey with you guys.

    Much love & many blessings,

    Allison (Craig & the kids too)

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