The Sweetest Week of My Life

**Family Update – My sister-in-law and niece made it back safely from the war zones in Georgia. They are happy to be back and we are all thankful for your prayers. Continued prayers for our extended family there is appreciated!

This has been an amazing week! I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired and totally energized at the same time. There is so much I want to update, and this is a major download of details, but I’ll have to dice the future updates into bite-sized pieces for both your reading pleasure and for my lack of free-time. But here’s the past 10 days since Vivian’s blessed arrival…

  • Monday, 8/11 – Vivi did great on her first 24 hours, had to learn to work for her food some, but still managed to get the hang of it into the second day of life. Her red blood cell count was a tad high which led to a bit of jaundice, so on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we had to keep Viv in a bilibed at all times except for changing and feeding. That was tough with all the visitors that wanted to cuddle our little girl, but we managed!
  • Tuesday, 8/12 – Vivi was eating great and sleeping well. The hospital was so nice to give us a room next to EM, and while the new hospital and staff were so sweet, we were beginning to get a little crazy in our room and we were excited about going home the next day! My mom was going from our house to the hospital back and forth, taking care of Abe and getting us food that wasn’t greasy fast-food. She was also on the hunt for preemie clothing since it was clear that Vivian was going to need some for her first several weeks due to her teeny-weeny size.
  • Wednesday, 8/13 – Going home day! EM, Viv, and I shared some very special time that morning and I am just so grateful for all the many, many God-sized moments we had during the hospital stay. EM was up and moving around, helping me with feedings, and also had her fan club taking extra-special care of her in the hospital. Our attorney came around noon and proceeded with the legal custody/adoption papers and we were set to leave and go home by 2:30pm. We were greeted at home by our neighbors next door and across the street. They were filming our arrival and had balloons, streamers, and a cake for Vivian’s first day home. There were lovely flowers inside and my mom had started washing all the girl clothes that were hand-me-downs. We were immediately swimming in a sea of PINK! Overall, our first night home went great (thanks to my mom)!
  • Thursday, 8/14 – Vivian’s first doctor’s appointment was at 8:30am. We almost made it on time! Whew! It’s a lot of work getting yourself and a newborn ready and out the door! Everything went great and Vivian seemed to be totally soothed by her doctor’s voice. They didn’t prescribe any further phototherapy for jaundice and didn’t even poke her with needles! Yeah! She even hit a first milestone in the doctor’s office when her umbilical cord fell off. That was fast! Next, we went to work and turned in documents so we could get Vivian on our insurance plan. Then we were off for lunch and a trip to the mall for hair bows and to finish up a few items for EM’s birthday the next day.
  • Friday, 8/15 – EM’s birthday! We had some special things for her and couldn’t wait for her visit! We scrambled to get the house a little picked up and to have a cake for her. It was a great day! Nonna and Papa (Eric’s mom and dad) came up that evening to spend the night and got their baby lovins’! But Vivian had a different idea for a slumber party…as she started crying nonstop from 11pm to 2am. Darn icky gas bubbles! But, when she finally felt relaxed, she was out like a light!
  • Saturday, 8/16 – Nanna (my mom), Eric, Nonna, Papa, Viv, and myself all had breakfast at IHOP. She sure got lots of attention from the sweet ladies at the restaurant and we reveled in all the “thank you”, “yes, she is beautiful”, “she IS awesome, isn’t she?!” type comments. We then waited on my dad to make his way down for an overnight visit and to take my mom back to KY. And since my sister-in-law and niece had made it safely back to the US, Jeremy and Natalie even surprised us and came down, too!
  • Sunday, 8/16 – We all had a slow and relaxing start to the day. Everyone was enjoying Viv’s waketime and all the neat facial expressions she is making now. They say it’s not a real smile, but I refuse to believe that all those adorable grins and lip pouts come from nothing! For lunch, we dined at Red Robin and then my family had to take off. The three of us stopped in at our small group leaders house for a quick visit and to celebrate the many, many birthdays our group celebrates in August, and then we went to a HOA meeting with our neighborhood. Wow–what a day!

And, that leads us to this week, mine and Vivian’s first week alone. She is exhibiting signs of colic and it’s just heartbreaking the crying and discomfort she has to go through. We’ve been researching colic and how to adjust to her cry periods and crankiness and we’re doing pretty good. The periods last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, but she is such a trooper through the icky feelings. She just gets so tired and we just feel awful that she gets worked up so much coming from a peaceful sleep. Thankfully, this too shall pass. But let it be said, colic is not for the weak!

Well, that’s all I can write about for now. I welcome your comments on dealing with colic, so pass along the golden nuggets of advice if you’ve got it! Here are a few pictures and I hope to update again soon!

*Click on pics to enlarge!

Oh, one last thing…Eric and I have some special people to introduce to you on my next post. I can hardly wait!


10 thoughts on “The Sweetest Week of My Life

  1. Meli B says:

    It’s about time you did some updates. I know we were all dying to find out how Vivi was doing.. SHe is absolutely beautiful, and everyone in the pictures are just glowing.. I can’t wait to meet her.. As for gas bubbles.. Try gas drops. They are natural, and will soothe the sweet baby. Walmart or any drug store will have them. Adrianna was on it forever.. Love and miss you.. Meli

  2. Julie,

    She’s amazing!! So tiny & perfect! We cannot wait to meet her.

    As for the colic, it is NOT for the faint of heart. Chelsea had it bad. Between Mylicon drops, Nestle Good Start formula & Playtex Air-Vent bottles (they might be called VentAir now) we finally got rid of the colic.

    Many blessings to you all,
    Craig, Allison & the kids

  3. AAAWWWEEE!!! I am so excited to hear from you and get updates. I hope you got my voicemails. She is a precious angel from God. I am so happy for you and Eric and for her. She is just amazing and I just can’t wait to meet her. We signed up to bring you all dinner next week so we will see you then. We gotta start making plans for your baby shower!!!!

  4. Sandy says:

    It’s about time you laid her down long enough to let us see how beautiful she is! I just love the pic of Natalie and Vivi- two precious girls that I am sure Aunt Deb and Uncle Ralph are proud of. It tickles me to death that you seem to be surrounded by wonderful people….As for the colic-I agree with Meli B because those all natural gas drops work great (they melt in her mouth really quickly). Give her lotsa loving!!

  5. Missy says:

    Julie- the pics of everyone are great! I was glad to hear that Natalie and Irina were home safe. She has really grown a lot. It was good to see Jeremy in the pics, too! I know he is excited for you!
    It looks like from your blogs, just about everyone has said something about helping you with the colic. Well, here’s my pitch. 🙂 I really like Dr. Brown’s baby bottles. They are a little on the expensive side, but totally worth it to me. Also, the “gas drops” that your Aunt Sandy was talking about are really good. It’s not Mylicon Drops, it’s actually a little white tablet that dissolves on their tongue almost instantly. The name of it is Hyland’s Colic Tablets. It comes in a little small long bottle. I really like them a lot. They really helped me out with Jesse the past few months and he is doing really well with his belly now. I picked mine up at Rite Aid here in Berea. You may have to search for them there, I’m not sure. But, give it a try. Not everything works for every child. Just listen to advice as you think best and always trust your instincts. They are usually right! Love to you all!

  6. Kimberly says:

    She is too perfect! I love the black and white picture of you and her. You sound like you know what you are doing with the colic, my only advice would be to try a gentler formula. Y’all are doing great!

  7. Mom says:

    My Dearest
    You have been taking care of babies since you were 12 and I know the 24 hour everyday being a MOM is just a little different. (Mainly no rest) But I know you are doing great! They don’t send instructions home with babies’ cause every model is different so let Vivi talk to you and always “trust your instincts”. Well meaning friends and family may give advice, but you are the decision maker. So some of that advice just needs to go in one ear & out the other!

    Love You !

  8. Josina Hooks says:

    Julie and Eric,
    Congratulations. She is sooo Beautiful!!! My heart is full just to know the joy you are experiencing. I pray many blessings on you and your new bundle. I know God has great plans for her and you.
    Love you guys

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