Contraction Action, Part 3! <—READ!

Okay, here we go! Get used to the quick and short updates. Wait, it’s me we’re talking about writing here. Nevermind that idea. Unless of course Eric writes for me. Hmmm….

Doctor’s appointment was a success! Midwife said this baby should be here in 24 hours! EM is actively dilating, effacing, and contractions are very REAL and very PAINFUL. (Sorry I can’t take some of it away!)

We are not in the hospital yet, as they have advised us all to enjoy the remaining hours before the full-on labor action starts. Whoopee! They said to walk the rest of the afternoon, eat a spicy lunch (check mark, we took her to Buffalo Wild Wings and I think she and Eric were in competition!), lots of fluids, and bring your bags when things get to the go mark!

Please pray and give THANKS! We’ll keep you posted!

Love to all,

Mama in Waiting


8 thoughts on “Contraction Action, Part 3! <—READ!

  1. WOW!! Not to much longer i’m so happy for you i could scream!!!! It’s so exciting. I mean WOW!!! I just can’t wait til’ baby Kent finally arrives.

  2. Jill says:

    i have not kept in touch with you like a should have/could have, but trust me when i say that i have thought about you, prayed for you, and wished you and eric the best. i have told you before, i knew that this would come one way or the other, God was going to make you parents! i love you, and please keep us in touch as soon as you have your baby! YOUR baby. WOW!

  3. Kristy says:

    Didn’t I tell ya? (refer to comment from contraction action take 2)…. Good luck, I can’t wait, I know you can’t . I love you guys.

  4. Jules…

    It is happening. You are going to be a Mama. I rejoice with you. I cry happy tears of anticipation with you. I am there in heart and spirit.

    I could NOT be more excited for you.


  5. Sandy says:

    I am so excited for you guys….hopefully by now he/she has made an entrance and everything has become a reality!! I love you and your FAMILY to pieces. Please tell EM that you sure do have a cousin in Kentucky that is grateful to her also because it has been a dream of mine to share motherhood with you!!

  6. jill says:

    julie, i heard the good news today at church. i just knew eric would have his little girl. congrats. i love you guys… and get ready for the most wonderful thing in life!

    i also heard the other news. the alter was full all through church this morning, EVERYONE was coming up to pray for your family. please please please let me know something. i ahve thought about calling your mom but i dont want to upset her anymore than she already is. (859) 925 4708.

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