Contraction Action, Part 2: Soooooo Close!

Well, we just got our first practice run in at the hospital! EM has been having contractions all day running from 15 minutes apart then closer to 11 minutes apart. The doctor’s office advised a healthy meal, lots of fluid, then rest to monitor the baby’s movements.

After about 45 minutes of resting at home (doing her homework!), EM felt the baby move only about four times and they are looking for ten noticeable movements per hour or more. We want/need an active baby! So, after another call to the doctor’s office, they suggested going to the hospital with bags packed (we would stay if things were progressing) and monitor on the baby.

Perfect! Today was opening day of the new Women’s Center at Northside Forsyth and only three babies have been born there so far! Was our baby going to be number four?


It was quite impressive watching the monitors, though. The contractions sped up to 5 – 7 minutes apart for a few hours, baby wasn’t in any stress and was beating along happily and healthy, but it just wasn’t the kind of contractions that would really dilate and move things along…yet!

But alas, we were sent home in a holding pattern. This is very early labor, but it is happening. So what does this mean?

It means we wait. And we pray.

Join us?


6 thoughts on “Contraction Action, Part 2: Soooooo Close!

  1. Julie!!

    You’re just days away from getting your wish – being a Mom!!
    The Ahrens crew are SO excited for you & Eric. God has had His hand in this every step of the way!

    Many blessings!!
    Allison, Craig, Chelsea & Justin

  2. Shelby, Kristy, Chris, Bren & Tyler says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not all the way, but kinda. It’s getting closer and I can’t wait. Feed her some cajun, then some mexican and then go walk Dowtown!!!!! Ha ha. Sweetpea will come in it’s own time I guess. Keeping you and E in our thoughts and prayers. Rub that belly for good luck and don’t forget to prepare Abe. Love you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kim says:

    Wonderful!!!! Just keep updating this blog!!
    Very Excited for you guys. I know that you can’t keep your minds on anything else. It’s Great!!!

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