Introducing Baby’s New Friend, Sydney!

We love living life with others–especially in the format of small groups! We believe wholeheartedly that this is God’s blueprint for authentic community, one in which we thrive, develop relationships we stand accountable for, and “do life” with other friends while growing in our faith and serving God and one another. We have been blessed from these relationships in such unique ways!

Our first North Point small group was made up of 5 couples and we met weekly for nearly two years. When forming the group, each couple had been married for 5 years or less and none of us had children. We were quite the fun and lively group; able to pick up and go, making last minute get-together plans on the fly! It was fantastic! This last Christmas, some of us got together and shared a meal and fellowship to celebrate the holidays. It was then that our friends Randy and Darci made the announcement that they were expecting their first child in August of 2008! We were all ecstatic! We held hands that night and prayed over them and their soon-to-come baby and asked God to help us all commit to caring and nurturing this gift and to uphold our promise of community to this growing family.

Little did we know that just six months after hearing of their news, God would change his answer to our prayer for a baby from “not now” to “yes…buckle up and hold on… it’s coming!” And to make things even more exciting, the two babies’ due dates were but just days from one another!

**As a sidebar note, you must know that most girls who plan to be a mommy someday always think of friends they can go through the process with and have children close in age. My dreams were no different. Each time one of my very close friends or family members announced their pregnancy, both Eric and I would think/hope/pray/plead that this was our time, too. It never happened and I questioned God’s timing repeatedly. (Much like I questioned if I would ever have a husband and experience the bliss of marriage before Jesus’ return, I also summarized that motherhood might not happen for me before I saw Glory!)

In the recent weeks, Darci and I have enjoyed our many conversations of planning and preparing for our babies since June 13 (the day were were chosen to be parents). Our best friend, Kim, even undertook plans to have a Double the Fun Baby Bash Brunch last month. It was AWESOME!

See, God not only answered one prayer, but he answered MANY! He did what only I trust and know him to do…go exceedingly and abundantly above all I can ask, think, or imagine according to His will!

So, without further ado, I introduce Baby Kent’s friend: Sydney Claire Nixon, born July 26 at 5:26PM. She’s a cutie and is simply adored by us!

And here is a slide show of the Nixon and Kent baby bash brunch. Kim put all the perfect and thoughtful touches on it. She really knows the two of us very well. Every girl needs a Kim and a Darci in their life! I know I’m hangin’ on to mine!



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