90 Second Update!

I have had some serious blogger’s guilt about not posting recently. I think with all the showers, thank you notes to write, family in town, sewing baby bedding, catching up at work, seemingly endless amounts of laundering teeny-weeny clothes and blankets…oh, I’ll stop the list could go on and on! Get used to it, right?!

Here’s a highlight list and answers to questions we’ve been getting:

1. Is the baby here? I mean, you’ve not posted in like, FOREVER!

No, baby has not yet arrived! But it’s got to be soon, right?

2. Do you know if it’s a boy or girl?

Ha! Ha! NOOOOOOOO! Fun, isn’t it?!

3. Are you ready? Are you excited?

Fo’ sheezie, Louisie!

4. Jules, do you get maternity leave?

Yup, 6 glorious poopie-diaper filled, bottle fillin’, 3-hour incremented weeks! My dream of so, so long!

5. Jules, what are you doing for Eric’s 30th birthday on August 5?

Why do you ask? Did he give you any hints? Did he? Tell me! I need help!!!

6. How’s EM (expectant mom) doing?

She’s doing wonderfully! She brings much joy to us in this process! We had her over for dinner last Monday and I fed her the SPICIEST enchiladas, guacamole, and salsa I possibly could…to no avail! But, hey, it was awesome to reach over and feel our Little One tossing and moving about!

7. Do you have an update on a due date?

Sure! August! Sometime… :o)

8. Do you have the nursery finished?

Sort of. I’ll post pics and commentary later on this weekend!

9. What’s the post-placement agreement going to look like with EM?

Dunno, really. We are open to a lot and cautious about a lot. Please PRAY as God leads and guides in this area. We know he’s been writing a beautiful story to knit together four lives and we don’t want to mess it up!

10. Do you get to be in the hospital when baby is born?

Praise the Lord — Yes!!! We have been generously invited to be a part of the hospital scene. I get to be in the room and we’re not sure where Eric’s going to be just yet, but he’ll be near we hope!

Okay, well, that’s about all I can post right now. We’re headed to the Dr.’s office with EM to meet the full staff so we’re all familiar with whomever might be on call that day!

Thanks for all your prayers, posts, and for your love! We’re eternally grateful and thankful!


4 thoughts on “90 Second Update!

  1. jessica kent says:

    HA! love it! while i was reading this i saw you smiling (and crying) I LOVE you big sis! and cant wait for THAT call!

  2. Meli B says:

    Oh Jules.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I can’t wait. I have checked on here everyday to see if anything was posted. Last night the family and I went school shopping. I can’t wait for you to be able to have that opportunity. You have waited so long for this.. I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!Meli

  3. Sandy says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post because these questions have been in my thoughts daily! You guys are always on my mind and I am thrilled for you. I sit and cried while reading this and had Gary come read also…he says that you have a beautiful soul. I can’t wait to hear the news that my fave cousin has joined the Mommy Club!!!

  4. Elaine says:

    Hey Julie,
    Wow!! Just reading along makes it feel like we’re there. Thanks for all the detail you put into your messages!! Can’t wait to hear the arrival news and details. You are truly blessed and it has happened all in God’s timing!!!
    Love to the three of you,
    Elaine Velarde

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