Did I Forget Something?

I can’t put my finger on it, but lately it seems like I’ve been forgetting something…what could it be?

Most everything, most definitely!

I hear that some women’s brains get all mushy and forgetful as motherhood ensues. I’m learning now that it probably has nothing to do with the biological shift that most mothers go through to become a mother. Yet, it’s just the sheer revelation that there are 1,963,732 random-and-all-too-equally-important thoughts that are being processed and chewed over the 86,400 seconds that one day affords.

This exciting journey of being chosen to gear up for parenting and a baby in now 5 or 6 weeks (I don’t know, those weird weekly calendars totally confuse me!) is a completely different roller coaster than the one some parents have 8 to 9 months to ride on. Wheeeeee! But it is a fun ride!

So, I apologize if my return phone calls and emails have been severely delayed. I really want to respond to everyone individually for your comments/posts of support and excitement. It just means so much to us right now! I owe you all tons of hugs!

Now for an update… We had a successful meeting last Monday at our attorney’s office with the expectant mother and biological father. Our attorney is doing a great job and she has such a gift of working with both the adoptive parents and the expectant mothers. To make the details brief and for the sake of privacy on the other parties’ behalf, the attorney gave us the green light to move forward, assessing the situation to be one that seems healthy and in really good standings, and we now have one part of the parental surrenders legally taken care of, barring no interruptions, leading up the the birth of baby.

The expectant mom is doing wonderful and baby seems to be keeping her alert and very aware that there’s an active li’l guy or gal in there! A few times, when baby was really moving, the expectant mother reached over and placed our hands on her tummy and said, “Feel baby… she’s kicking so hard!” Now, we don’t know if it’s a she, but expectant mother refers to baby as she. Time will soon tell!

That touch was amazing! I think those little moments in our journey are very spellbinding to Eric and I. This is really happening!

Well, there’s more to update, but I’ll attempt to be more regular in posting this week. There are fabrics picked out, painting to do, more registering to do, furniture to buy, so much! Oh, and I’ve got to get my shower invitee list over to my good friends who have been patiently waiting. Oh, and…hmmm…just forgot what the next thing was. Oh well, it will come to me.

Thanks for your continued prayers and excitement!


One thought on “Did I Forget Something?

  1. Carrie says:

    I just can’t say enough how excited I am for you guys! I wish I were closer! Keep praying about that one. Lots of details for God to work out, but we are trying. I wanna spoil that baby!!!!!! Plus, I have lots of good stories for later down the road! :O) OK, so I’ll refrain because I have kids as well.

    Love you tons!

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