Our Journey as God Would Have It

Our journey as God would have it…is amazing. Words elude me as to how I should begin telling of this unfolding story. It’s one that I’ll play over and over in my mind until my dying day. Every word, every detail, every sweet and beautiful note is a melody that is now my song; I’ve been dreaming of how it’s tune would go for so long now. I had no idea it would be like this…

First, let me start off with how all renown goes to God alone. That’s a good start to any story, isn’t it?

Secondly, let me say this: E and I are thrilled to say that we are soon to be adoptive parents (mommy and daddy!) to a precious baby that is due in less than 8 weeks! Yes, yes, yes. I actually said 8 weeks (or less)!

Last Tuesday–just a week ago–we received a phone call telling us of an expectant mother that was due in 8 weeks and she had lovingly (and with great concern and emotion, I’m sure of) made the decision to place the baby for adoption. After a few more conversations, by Wednesday night, we had all happily and excitedly arrived to the decision to meet Friday evening for dinner at a family Italian restaurant just down the street from us.

On Thursday, we began calling everyone asking for prayer and had also asked for any available friends to come and assist us with putting together a profile (rifling through our pictures). By 7PM that night, dinner was brought in by Randy & Darci, then Travis, Ashley, Kim, E, and myself started sorting through a box of pictures and iphoto files. By 9PM, my talented and extremely generous sister-in-law, Jessica, had arrived after an emergency call I made pleading for her expertise. Little did I know that she would just haul my 13 month-old nephew and all her scrapbooking materials all the way up here from Griffin in a moment’s notice. She worked tirelessly, creatively, and fully inspired until 4:30 Friday morning. It was incredible! She was incredible! The album/profile is, well, incredible! Also, the 3AM ice cream fix really helped us push through that last hour or so.

By Friday evening, just moments before we were to meet the expectant mother and her family, E and I held each other and prayed. There was so much peace. We sat and laughed and talked the few minutes we had before they arrived. We honestly weren’t overworked with frazzled nerves, yet we were cutting up and having a good time just being us. We honestly hadn’t experienced one thing that would cause us to worry. It was clear that we were where we were supposed to be.

The dinner went really well. The conversations were fun, enlightening, and engaging. It was just so familiar to us. We compared tattoo and piercing stories. (Wouldn’t it be like God to use our uniqueness and pure personalities to make us all feel non-judged and understood?) After making sure that the expectant mom had seen our album, had her own album to take home, and had polished off almost all the strawberry cheesecake, we said our goodbyes for that evening.

Ten minutes later, after saying we had thought things went really well and had given thanks to God, the phone rings! It’s her. Somewhere on her drive home, she was calling us saying thanks for a great time, a really good meal, and the opportunity to have met us. And after a few more very nice and generous words, she said, “I know you’re the ones, I know you are. I choose you! Will you be the mother and father to this baby?”

Words can’t describe what hearing those words spoken to us felt like. Indescribable. Through joyful tears and muttered words of praise to God on our lips, we said “yes, yes, YES!” She said that our answer made her very happy and she couldn’t wait any longer to ask us.

God, help us not to forget how you like being in every single detail and you like it when we ask you to work out the things that we know we can’t control on our own. Like, we never wanted to know the gender of any biological or adopted babies until delivery. God heard and honored that one. We’re ALL going to be genuinely surprised! We wanted to be present and available for doctor appointments and the delivery, too. She has generously offered and invited us to be there in the midst of it all. What a miracle! Her family and friends would like to shower this baby with gifts and pass them along to us–what profound love they have!

Oh, I can just go on and on and on. There are some details that are just too precious and too mind-blowing. And, every time I retell this story, the same emotions come flooding back and wash over my soul.

We are still praying for many details and asking for provision and guidance as we all move forward. It’s very important to us the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of this expectant mom from now until forever and ever. And for this sweet, blessed baby that soon we will bring into our home. Oh, how my heart just melts at the very vision of sweet toes and tiny hands and baby lashes to gaze at and admire each day God gives us.

I’m just lost in this big ‘ol ocean of grace right now. I’m just lost in it.


25 thoughts on “Our Journey as God Would Have It

  1. Even though I’ve heard the story and have had the chance to live some of the details of this past week with you and Eric, I could read this post over and over again and get weepy each time I read it! Randy and I have such an incredible amount of faith in the fact that THIS is what God had in store for you and Eric and that you two will make wonderful parents. We can’t wait to see the joy and happiness on your faces when you finally get to embrace your new little one.

  2. Kissyam says:

    God is Awesome. I could read this blog over and over and over again. Print it out, put it in the baby book (if you haven’t purchased yet, just put up for safekeeping until then). I love you. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited.

    Did I mention I was excited?

  3. Melissa Abrams (Chrisman) says:

    Julie – I am so glad for you and your husband. I know from talking with your mother that this is an answer to many years of prayers for you. God works miracles in many different ways and I am so glad that you have been blessed with this miracle in your life. I will continue to pray for you all as you embark on this journey. Continue to pray and seek the Lord as always and He will perform many more miracles in your life! Remember to send me some pictures! God bless you!

  4. Amber MArroquin says:

    Julie, I am sitting here with the biggest grin and the biggest tears. Our God is so good. His timing is perfect, even when we are impatient. He sees the whole picture. I know you guys will be great parents! I told Ed a few years ago that you were the kind of people I would carry a baby for! That is how sure I am that you would be awesome at parenthood. By the way, 8 weeks is not too long! You better get to work. Just know that God has been in it all and He will continue to work out every detail until He brings it to completion!! We love you guys! Amber

  5. Sue Jewell says:

    Julie, There are no words to express how excited I am for you and Eric, the tears rolling down my face are of pure joy! My heart is so happy for you both. I cannot think of a couple that would make better parents! I love and miss you both very much! Love Ya, Sue

  6. Jen Carrozza says:

    JULES!!! ERIC!!! This is soooo joyful!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are to see God’s plan unfold! I knew the moment I met both of you what great parents you would make – and He already knew the time and the place – the moment when you would. PRAISE GOD! This is amazing! What a roller coaster you’re on – but it’s such an inredible ride, huh?

    I’ll have some hand-me-down fun soon enough – Let’s talk – please keep us posted!!

    Love you – Jen, (John & Seth) Carrozza

  7. Can’t wait to hug your neck tomorrow evening! This is so stinkin’ exciting. Look at our group…what amazing blessings God has bestowed. I don’t think we will ever split 🙂 Love y’all!!

  8. Leslie says:

    Wow! what an amazing and anointed journey! I am so blessed to be a fly on the wall! Can’t wait for every new chapter to come out! When is the baby shower?

    Love ya!

    Leslie Mitchell

  9. Lindsey and Adam says:

    What can I say? What a huge answer to so many prayers that have gone up. You have been “chosen” for this time and place and God has shown that his timing is PERFECT!!! We are absolutely thrilled for you guys! Are you having a shower because I know you will need so much? Please let us know we want to help as much as we can! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your lives and this precious new baby!! We couldn’t possibly be happier for you! Please keep us posted on every detail!!! We love you guys!

  10. Linda and Ron says:

    This is you Aunt Linda, I am so proud that you finally get the one thing
    in life that you have been missing, you will be the best Momma ever, even though I am no longer a part of your family, I will always be here for you, anything you need, at anytime, just give me a call. I love you and I know that you and Eric will be fantastic parents.

  11. Bill and Ruth says:

    Eric & Julie,

    Shawn sent me your email w/ the exciting news. I could feel your excitement and expectation in the email and your blog. To say the least, Ruth and I are so excited for both of you. Your email really ministered to me that God does hear and answer prayers. We just have to learn to wait on Him. It has been a long journey for you but you can be confident that you will make the best parents and that your family will be blessed beyond measure because you waited upon the Lord. What a story. What a testimony. What a great future this baby has because of his/her parents to be!! We love you both and please keep us updated on your journey.

    Bill & Ruth

  12. jessica & joel says:

    Ok again i am in tears..seems like i have been in that state for almost a week now! WOW we serve a living God..and i am honored to be his child! Man i dont think we can thank him enough!! I am here, wanting, willing, honored, excited and expecting to help..in any way!:) i love you both so much and am blessed to be apart of this GOD -thing! SOOO looking forward to becoming an aunt (uncle) and meeting our niece or nephew!! love you tons and tons!

  13. jambrew says:

    SOOOO!! excited for you guys. I can’t wait. You know that Jen and I are in your corner if you guys need anything.

  14. Jeane and Nelson says:

    WOW! We are just blown away! HALLELUJAH!! You know, “don’t be afraid of tomorrow, God is already there”. So many times we put God on our timeline and it just doesn’t work that way. God had this planned from the beginning and you’ve both been patiently waiting. Now, here’s your little blessing! How incredible is that? We are so happy for you both and we will certainly be praying that everything works together for your good and the good of this precious new little life that will become a “Kent”. Love you both and miss you so much!

  15. Julie, I don’t know if you remember me, but I worked in Roll Call at NPCC. I’ve been keeping up with your blog through Ashley Jansen’s link on her site. I’ve been praying for you guys and could not be more excited that all this has happened so quickly. I had trouble getting pregnant and we had actually just started our homestudy when I found out I was expecting our son. Even though I’ve been more than blessed to be able to get pregnant twice, I can so identify with your story. My husband and I had let go of our biological child dream and had really embraced adoption (so much so that one of my first emotions upon discovering my pregnancy was disappointment-I had gotten to where pregnancy seemed so “normal” adoption was special!).
    Oh, I can’t wait for the day when you can hold that sweet bundle in your arms. What an indescribable blessing. I tell you, when God decides to show up, He can’t resist showing off a bit! Just imagine what glorious things He has planned for that soon-to-be Kent! That baby is going to know he/she is destined for great things with an entrance like this.
    By the way, the surprise of the gender thing is even better than you can imagine.
    I am so supremely happy for you!

  16. Jessie says:

    I am so so so incredibly happy for you two. I know that God will use you guys to bring joy and love into this child’s life. Julie, you are so encouraging and compassionate… I can’t think of a better mother for this new baby.
    I love you, and you and your child are in my prayers.

  17. Katrina and Chris says:

    Julie and Eric,
    We are so excited for you guys. Praise God!!! God is so great. You guys will be the best parents ever. Adoption has been the greatest thing ever for us. Our precious Joseph and Sierra are the most wonderful gifts God has ever given us. Everyday I look into their precious faces and thank God for these miracles. Just like your baby, God had it all planned for us to be their parents. After many years of ups and downs, it will all be worth it when you see its precious face. We are praying for you both and can’t wait to meet baby Kent. We will throw you a big baby shower up here in Kentucky.

  18. Sandy says:

    I just found out over the weekend- I am absolutely thrilled for you guys!! I knew that there was a plan for the two of you and I am glad that is starting to pull together. You guys are going to make wonderful parents and I can’t wait to hear when my new baby cousin arrives! Let me know if there is any way to help….love you!! Hugs and kisse…

  19. Tk (Papa) & Donna (Nonna) says:

    Hey Jules,
    We are so happy for you guys! Kinda easy for us on this side – You are getting a new grandbaby for us to help spoil! Our lives are so rich since you came into our family. Eric has become the Man and soon to be Father that we knew He could be – he just needed the right person in his life to make it happen. Wow, we are praising god for all that He’s been doing behind the scenes – He is moving things around for us to have great days!
    We’re here for you, and we’ll be with you guys in the happy days ahead as well.

  20. WOW! Praise God is all I can say!! Julie and Eric, I am so excited for you two! I know this is what you have been praying for and finally God has answered your prayer! 8 weeks to prepare…YOU CAN DO IT! If you need anything let me know. When God said “be still and know that I am God”, He meant it…He is ALWAYS in perfect control of our life!
    Love to you both 🙂

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