What’s With the Random Posts?

For those of you that know me personally, you’ve probably wondered to yourself, “why, with all the excitement and fast-moving details within the past 5 days, would she be blogging about gardening and KitchenAid mixers?” Ha, ha! Please allow me to enjoy a brief chuckle at how planned and organized I thought I was being by taking some of my sick days and recovery time from the toothache episode to SCHEDULE FUTURE POSTS!

That’s right, organizationally speaking (hardy-har-har!), I’ve written several blog posts at one sitting that will go live each day at 7:00am. And, with all the commotion after this last Tuesday’s earth-moving phone call, I’ve just let the scheduled posts run as planned!

I always feel as though I write too much and cram it all in one post. I was encouraged to try this when I read on flowerdust’s blog that she keeps her blog rolling with new posts nearly every day, she just doesn’t always do it “live”. Wonderful suggestion! (I don’t know her personally, but she is one fascinating blogger!)

So with that, I’ll close this post and start writing the next one. The one you’ve all been waiting to see be made publicly declared. Oh yes, that one! :o)


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