This sums things up…

Proverbially speaking, we’ve had a hard time putting our finger on exactly where we are at in the soon-to-be-parents process.

  • I don’t have this little bun in the oven that is sending me into fits of nausea or frequent trips to the ladies room to tee-tee.
  • I’m not required to make regular obstetric check-ups and be measured, examined, and so on.
  • I don’t have this forecasted due date where the clock seems to tick away throughout the week eating up the time until little one is here. You know, the biological reminder that is telling you to paint the nursery, register for baby goodies, nest and organize.
  • I’m not devouring everything in sight and eating for two. Well, okay…maybe I’m sympathizing in that area a bit too much.

I can say I’ve definitely felt the missing link to the physical side of pregnancy, but I’m all too careful to recognize that though I’m not experiencing this, someone out there–the birthmom to our son or daughter–is going through this.

Our side of experiences is mysterious, wonderful, painful, expectant, joyful, and unknown–much like the pregnant couple–only different. Above anything, it’s God-given, and for that, I’m humbled to be chosen for this special experience and gift he has for us.

Our consultants, Christian Adoption Consultants, has a staff member, Tracie Loux, that has written about this time during the adoption process and has penned so well the feelings and encouragement that I needed to read. I thought you might enjoy reading it, too. It may give insight to those of you that are supporting us or someone else in the process. Fittingly, she’s titled this time in the process: The Waiting Room.


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