Prayers at work and more babies to love!

I’ll try to make this post brief but complete in updates…

First, thanks for the many of you that have prayed for me over this terribly painful last week as I’ve endured the distress of an abscessed tooth. Relief came yesterday with a root canal retreatment. I’m still very sore and uncomfortable, but I truly believe the worst is behind me. Now, I just have to incorporate a very full work schedule and the adoption process back into recovery time. No problemo!

Exciting news! My teammate and Director of Middle School at Browns Bridge, Clint Nowery, celebrated the arrival of his son, Silas Briggs Nowery, yesterday! I just can’t wait to congratulate them in person. And I really can’t wait to gaze into that l’il cutie-pie’s eyes — the baby’s, that is!

There are several of you that are asking for more frequent adoption updates and I know I need to incorporate more of that here in my l’il corner of the interwebby world, but here’s the thing: the process is so very silent right now! It’s about to make me burst!

I thought I would spare you the long laundry list of things we’re working on that seems more red-tape and boring, but from this point on, I’ll do a better job of making an honorable mention of those facts and details for those of you who aren’t seeing us regularly for our drive-by updates of “hey, we just got fingerprinted”, “ooh, gotta run, we’re picking up our 9-1-1 reports at the sheriff’s office”, “sorry, do you mind to hold for a minute? This is the vet’s office calling with our dog’s vaccination record”, “look honey, Dick’s Sporting Goods is having a sale on gun safety cases”, “whaaaaa? We can’t be seen for our medical evaluations for 5 weeks? But we’re adopting and would like to do it in this decade!”, or “um-hmm, k, so we need to sign this form acknowledging that we signed the form just before this one, which was actually acknowledging that we have received a check-list of things to do, incidentally the form before that one, which we already initialed, dated and signed?”

Oh, the things that a mother-in-waiting analyzes in her head!


2 thoughts on “Prayers at work and more babies to love!

  1. Dr. matthew Markey– up at exit 15…was our M.D. He saw us in and out in one day for our medical evals. He’s great and, because of us, is very familiar with adoption medicals! LOL

  2. Carrie says:

    You never cease to make me smile. I love you and with all the organizational skills of the adoption, you’ll make a wonderful mommy (which I knew anyway!). I can’t wait for the phone call saying “Get your butt on the next flight to Atlanta, I’m ready for some help!” Wow, I really gotta get working on that quilt I promised you years ago!

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