I might be in labor!

Oh boy–the pain! It dawned on me yesterday why I don’t remember this pain being around with the first root canal–because it was preventative! Discomfort, yes, but not an abcsessed tooth type pain. Darn live root of mine is still hiding up there somewhere and is all fussy and infected now.

Since I was a new patient yesterday, I got the usual questions from the polite dental assistant. Where do you live? Where do you work? Do you have children? That talk led into our adoption story and how we’ve tried for many years to grow our family and how we couldn’t be more excited to be making it happen now through adoption. I explained how I wanted the experience of pregnancy, but up to this point, God has clearly blessed us with different options.

In walks Dr. Bond, with a large toothy grin, his front tooth gleaming and sparkling, he stood confidently in that Green Giant-pose, his eyes widened with that look people give just before they deliver the news, and he said, “This doesn’t look good, Mrs. Kent. Do you have someone you can call to be here with you?”

Okay, so that’s not what he really said. And he probably didn’t look anything like how I described. But pain does make some of us delirious.

Dr. Bond explained the possibility of the live root that is abscessed, what the next steps were, and said that I really needed something for the pain until the specialists could fix things. He jested, “every woman I’ve encountered with this type of pain has said they’d rather be in labor and give birth to several children, so I’m sure you’re needing some relief.”

So deep inside buried beneath the pain of the moment, I smiled in my heart and chuckled to myself–remembering the words I had just said to the dental assistant moments before–and realized that for this moment and for this season, I was in my own kind of labor.

Great, now where’s the epidural?

Let me add this–the ‘epidural’ did not work! The first pain killer has caused reactions and illness and I’ve not been keeping food or meds down. I switched to a different med and it’s not causing the same reaction, but I’m not liking the way it makes me feel either. But the combination of the med and the antibiotic are starting to calm the throbbing and sharpness of the pain–prayers answered!

This stuff never happens at the right time, but then there isn’t a ‘right time’! I’m uber-thankful for my team at work and for the way they are working in super-charged mode to fill in my blanks. They have many great and busy things happening in their own lives, too, so I hope I can convey how appreciative I am. Eric, of course, has been wonderful and so attentive. God blessed me with him as my help-mate and he certainly doesn’t lack in compassion.

I’m using some homeopathic treatments [thanks Katiebod!] that have been more reliable than the medicine, so it’s time I start that back up for the morning. I’ll update later with how things go.


2 thoughts on “I might be in labor!

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh sweetie. I hope you feel better soon. I had an absess(sp) the Monday after Thanksgiving 2 years ago. But, it wasn’t as bad as yours. However, the dentist was right. It was worse than any labor. Know that we are praying that you feel better soon. Email me with details on the adoption.. Love you and miss you..Meli

  2. Carrie says:

    So, I was glad to see that you had updated, but I am sooooo sorry that you had to update about that! I hope you are starting to feel better!

    Love ya always!

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