Painfully aware that it’s 3:30AM…

I said I needed to update my blog to a group of friends and family via email last night in correspondence regarding adoption reference letters they are writing. Then, I read Ashley’s comment about needing to update so that the weird guyliner post isn’t at the top any more, so…

I’m in the most dental pain I can ever recall having in my near entire 30 years of living at this moment!

All I can think of through every throb and wave of pain is of my dear dad who has been through dental hell the last 3 months. Seriously, it’s taken me like 20 minutes to stop crying, which I’ve waited all day to do apparently. I’m notorious for shelving the need to get medical care which always leads to emergencies. A combination of high pain thresholds and plain stubbornness has clearly landed me in this predicament, the gall bladder emergency surgery, and the near hysterectomy 3 years ago. Why?!? Why, oh why do I do this?!

So, I’m googling emergency dentists. My regular dentist was able to fit me in Thursday due to a cancellation, but it simply can’t wait another 31 hours. I’ve got another call into Dr. Mazer (I’ve met him and his family at Browns Bridge and one of his hygienists, Leslie, is on our small group leader team in Middle School). I’ve heard great things about him and his practice, so I’m hoping they can fit me in.

At this moment, I’m contemplating finding pliers and pulling the tooth myself. Orajel is giving me about 2 minutes of slight relief at a time. I feel silly asking God to heal me as there are others with far worse circumstances. But I sure would appreciate a call from the dentist’s office at 7am telling me to come in and be someone’s first patient in the morning.

For the next 3 hours, maybe I’ll continue the work on my lengthy Adoption Personal Study. Or, I could categorize my iphoto library for possible adoption profile pics we can use. Or write the Dear Birth Mom letter. Or, do more fund raising planning. Or, just curl up in fetal position and sob uncontrollably!

Oral pain really is the worst, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Painfully aware that it’s 3:30AM…

  1. JULIE! I have failed on reading your blog lately 😦 But I am so excited for you and the adoption stuff moving forward! What an exciting time for you and Eric. So congrats! I going to start working at BBCC every other Thursday so we need to have lunch. I miss ya!

  2. Dental pain is the worst. Do what I do for my migraines (it works on mouth pain, too)… fill a sock with uncooked white rice (leaving about 1/4 empty) and tie a knot in it then throw it in the microwave til it’s nice and warm.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh it feels so good on your cheek. Warm, moist heat. Works every time for me.

  3. Kissyam says:

    Please make sure I am on the mailing list for adoption updates, I read the blog daily to check in on you guys.

    Honey, I am so terribly sorry about the dental troubles, you know all the problems I’ve had, I understand what you are going through. I love you and take the medicine the doctor gives you.

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