Murphy’s Law

If something CAN go wrong, it WILL.

So yeah, we start this new life-altering (and awesome!) course of adoption and on Monday we think, “let’s get our soon-to-haul-baby-mover in the shop for a 60k mile tune-up and oil change.” This work will cost around $400. Four hours and a phone call later we hear, “you’ve got a cracked radiator that wasn’t repaired, or even noticed for that matter, from back in March ’07 from the little accident you had . . . it’s leaking and needs a new one . . . parts are on order for a Wednesday install . . . cost is $620.

Choke. Eye rolling. Heart pounds.

Us: Oh, really? Well, okay . . .

Honda: We can check to see if it’s under warranty. We’ll call back.

Some time passes…

Honda: Mr. Kent, you’re covered with your warranty and it includes a car rental. Just come by and pick up the rental and we’ll call you Wednesday when your Accord is ready.

Us: Whew! Thanks God!

And, we have to give a shout out to Dave Ramsey, who resides in our heads/hearts/thoughts for teaching us sensible saving and spending practices that still would have covered this had the warranty not been there!


2 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law

  1. It’s such a true blessing to hear those words from the dealer, “It’s covered under your warranty.” Our Mustang was barely still under warranty when the transmission went out after only having the car for two years! CRAZY!!! Thank the Lord we could get it fixed for free and then trade it in! YAY!!!

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