You’ve been waiting to read this . . .

(make sure you read, or skip if you’d like, to the end!)

. . . Much has happened in the past 30 days since my last update, but I won’t bother with the excuses, I’ll get to the good stuff!

Eric spent a week in Vegas for NAB conference a few weeks back getting a deeper understanding of video editing. Me, I just spent the whole week missing him! I couldn’t wait for him to come home; so much that I was at the Marta train station waiting for him to come up from the airport 1 1/2 hours early. (For those of you who know me, you’re cracking up at my being early for something, right! Whodathunk it could happen?)

In the course of the past 5 Sundays with my work, I’ve had back-to-back excitement. First, we were back from Spring Break and the Attic at Browns Bridge had been remodeled. The room is so chill now. The following Sundays leading up to this last week have consisted of: Involve & Student Impact Volunteer Appreciation, Small Group Leader retreat in Jasper, Family Birthday Celebration baptism services (it was wow/amazing!), and Drive Conference. And that’s just work — not the personal “life outside of work” details.

This past week was our nephew Levi’s first birthday and he’s walking! Time flies! This upcoming week, one of our very good friends, Jamie, is being baptized at North Point.

We came to know Jamie, his wife Sam, and their two daughters, Chloe and Ivy, when they moved here from California. They became easy to recognize from the first Sunday they attended NP. Jamie had the rocker spiked mohawk, thick-gauged earlobe studs, crazy inked up arms with all variations of tattoos and Sam was his cutesy, tattoo bearing, Hot Topic wearing, bubbly, and lovely wife. They were the ones that had the two most adorable girls in the room. And Jamie and Sam were the doting, extremely calculative, very engaged parents that encouraged the girls’ participation and good manners while in KidStuf. They had me at hello! After some seasons of them moving around Alpharetta and even to CA and back, they ended up being our neighbors! (For those of you that know us, yes, that’s when Eric got the ginormous tattoo that is on his right arm! Did I mention Jamie is a ridiculously talented tattooist and artist?) We’ve witnessed God continue to grow their faith and prosper them and it’s been an exciting journey. Jamie and Sam both have a passion and love to serve God and reach out to people in incredible ways. They are both gifted and so easy to love and hang out with. Seeing Jamie celebrate his identity in Christ through baptism on Sunday will be beyond what words can say!

Now, I’m about to blow your mind . . . are you ready?!

Eric and I are on our way to being parents!!!! No, we’re not pregnant, but we are expectant in our hearts, thoughts, and spirits. We are in fact starting our adoption process at 10AM tomorrow morning! How fitting for this weekend of celebrating Mamas, eh?

This time next year, I hope to be wearing motherhood (a.k.a. spit up, baby cereal, drool, and yeah, I probably will not have showered in several days…) like a badge of honor!

We are incredibly excited! Even though the pressures of the paperwork (more like our new, unpaid part-time job of filling out forms!) and the money that we’re putting towards this adoption can be draining, those moments will fade the very nanosecond that our baby is placed in our arms. Every feeling of discouragement and fatigue will be dimmed and put to rest when our dreams become reality and the spark of hope that we had clung to and prayed for, the child that grew within us in our hearts and desires, is there in our hands. My mind is so limited in trying to conjure up the imagery of this moment. And, I don’t want to spoil it by thinking too long on it. We simply surrender that moment, as well as those before and long, long after it, to a trustworthy and loving God.

We are so happy to announce this to our family and friends. So many have cried with us and held us close over the years of infertility struggles. You’ve assured us time and again of how God has a purpose and plan for our life and he will be faithful to mark even the most painful of journeys with his provision, care and love. And, he has.

We have a lot of work to do to get where we’re going. We would sure love your support and prayers along the way. There is much to keep in mind, but God knows all. We have some fun, creative ways that we’re thinking up for raising support to help financially accomplish this dream. We also have a profile to put together and we need the expertise and creativity of the brilliant minds that are around us to help market — yes, I said market — us.

So, with all of that, I’ll sign off and be sure to update after our meeting tomorrow at 10AM. That is, if after the contract signing and check writing my hand isn’t too cramped up to type! :o)


14 thoughts on “You’ve been waiting to read this . . .

  1. juliekent says:

    JAT — no, I didn’t know that! I just beam when I’m around Jamie though. There’s something quite mysterious and funny behind his eyes and smile. He reminds me of his cool dad!

    It was great seeing you this week at DRIVE. I can’t wait to read updates on your heading out west to beautiful Californ-i-a!

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh sweetie. I am so excited for you two!! I can’t wait until you become the MOST AWESOME MOM in the world… Keep me posted and know that prayers are coming your way from me.. I love you and miss you..

  3. jamie’s dad (phil) was in my wedding. i’ve known him for 25+ years!

    oh, and as one who was adopted, i cannot stress how happy i am to hear your news. you are about to alter the course of someone’s life in a way no one can understand except those who have been there and done that.

    sleep now while you can!

  4. Mox and Clarissa says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be at BB tomorrow so you can have your sugar! We are excited for you!!!!!

  5. Amber MArroquin says:

    Yeah! God has plans far beyond our own!! I can’t wait to see you guys step into this, a different kind of calling. You will be great.

  6. Kristy C says:

    Wow! I am so ecstatic for you, Eric and Abe. What a glorious time in your lives. Keep record of all of it. Every single hand cramp!!! I love you and you will be one of the very best mommy’s ever and Ebic will make an outstanding poppa..and Abe won’t be too bad as a big brother either… 🙂

    In my prayers…

    Much love

  7. CT says:

    I dont know who you are, but not many in this world can adopt. I saw this blog in the home page blog roll latest news of wordpress.
    The baby must be so lucky! Parents who bring up others children are much special and great than the ones that bring up their own! We have brought up a kid liek that in our family and we enjoyed it thoroughly, altho’ the kid is a relative of ours. 🙂 She is most special to me…:) Enjoy! And I wish the baby should be soon in your hands with lesser paper work! 🙂

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