Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

Won’t you be my neighbor?

I just caught wind that one of the largest estates in Georgia is up for sell. Got $45 million to plop down and call it your new pad? If so, we could be neighbors!

This house is just 1 mi. from my driveway and it’s that house that folks are referring to when they say, “who lives there?” It’s mostly hidden from view, lined in a bounty of privacy trees and gates, but this time of year, while the leaves are still gone, parts of the estate are visible from the road — and it is massive!

From my driveway to theirs . . .

Why are they selling? You got it: downsizing. Um, ya think?! Click here to see the article, an aerial view, and some specs like the 17 bathrooms, Fox Theatre replicated home theatre, and so on.

So, any takers?


4 thoughts on “Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

  1. Erin Shawver says:

    Well I would LOVE to be your neighbor! I really think I’d get lost in that huge place for one. For two I’d seriously have to invite all my friends and family to live there as well because I wouldn’t even be able to use the entire property to it’s fullest and well…that would just be a waste. For three I don’t think I could live with all my family being that close…that’s a little too close to home if ya know what I mean. And then there’s that small little part of funding the expense to purchase the property. Well although I would try I would more than likely just get laughed right out of any bank and/or lending institution that I tried to obtain a mortgage from. It’s tempting though! LOL!

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