Oh, Allergy Season! Bringeth Thy Wrath So Soon?

Hi Readers,

I must do this post in verse. Enjoy!

Allergy S(n)eason

You cause my nose to sniffle, down my throat it goes a trickle

My eyes are red, my sniffer’s raw, and oh — how my ears they tickle!


I’m stocking up on eye-drops before my orbs dry out and pop

Out of bed, neti pot in hand — you guessed it, yep, my sinuses are clogged!


You soil my windows and cars with your mustard-hued, pollen dust.

Sure the flowers are in bloom and the leaves are back, but pass the Kleenex – Achoo! – you must!


Headache, headache go away! I have got to function like normal.

This sneezin’ and weezin’ is getting quite old and my demeanor is reachin’ non-informal!


You poked the bear, you better run! I’ll shoot you with my nasal spray!

Out of my path, I’ve had all your wrath, that one girl can take in a day.


(by Julie Kent: the suffering, sneezy, snotty one)


2 thoughts on “Oh, Allergy Season! Bringeth Thy Wrath So Soon?

  1. Papaw says:

    I know the feeling.We have all the pine pollen that anyone could ever want.Just come by the farm and check it out.

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